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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 525: Trapping Ernest

"Do you think I've never thought about that?" He threw Florence's chin rudely and mocked. His sights then fell on Clarence, his tone was evil, "I've set up a trap waiting for Ernest to jump in. " A shiver travelled down Clarence's spine and he became all sweaty looking at Benjamin. The present Benjamin was indeed creepy. He was too cunning and cold-blooded. Florence's eyes widened, her heart was filled with anxiety and insecurity. She asked nervously, "What do you plan to do to Ernest?" She was only frightened if he used her, but she was infuriated learning that he wanted to trap Ernest. She was worried that Ernest would fell into his trapped. "Benjamin, no matter when and what tricks you play, you can never defeat Ernest! You will only embarrass yourself, standing against him is like digging your own grave!" "Really?" Benjamin smiled evilly, "I've been defeated numerous time before. But it's different this time, I have you as leverage, didn't I?" A chill filled Florence from head to toe hearing that. Ernest continued viciously, "You are his weakness, he will jump into my trap willingly as long as I have you. " "Benjamin, how dare you!" Florence yelled infuriated. She was going insane. If Ernest was defeated because of her, she couldn't even think about it… "Ding dong…" At this moment, a loud tone rang. It was specially set and different from others, Florence recognized it instantly. It was a text from Ernest! Her face turned white and felt uneasy. God knew how she had been longing for his texts every day, but she didn't want to receive anything from him at all presently! Benjamin looked at the mobile and clicked open the text. Florence's pulse was racing to watch him from one side, she was as nervous as standing on a wire between cliffs. If she fell accidentally, she would die instantly. She hoped that the text sent by Ernest was nothing, and no one would notice anything. She didn't save Ernest number and had deleted their previous conversations, perhaps Benjamin would not notice that it was Ernest. Florence was horrified, Benjamin used him and the mobile to trick Ernest. "Hah, a surprise fell from the sky

Florence could still remain sane now, but a few days later she would collapse watching Ernest fell into his trap step by step… "Bring them along, let's go!" Benjamin waved while commanded. He went into the car first while the bodyguards threw Florence and Clarence in savagely after. Benjamin sat in the passenger seat next to the driver while Clarence and Florence were placed behind guarded by two men

. The car started and headed towards a hidden road in the wood. When Florence was locked at home, she wandered around looking for a way out but had never discovered this secret path. No one knew how and when Benjamin found and made a road here. What had he really done during his stay in the Fraser? It was terrifying. Although the wood was huge and rampant, there was electrical poles, wires and surveillance cameras out there, Benjamin could never drove through the borderline. While they were approaching the borderline, the small path ended and linked to an underground tunnel that fitted only one car! And the tunnel was linked to another wood passed the electrical poles and surveillance! Florence watched as the car drove past the tunnel and appeared in the wood outside of the Fraser's territory, her body frozen and she lost hope completely. Benjamin dug in their territory!This was not something that could be done within days, he had been scheming this since the first day he stepped foot into their house. He had an evil plan from the very beginning! He was a true demon. "Hmm hmm…" Clarence made sounds. He was tied on the chair with his mouth covered with tapes, he looked messy. He made some sound while staring at Florence. Florence now realized and noticed his presence, she immediately moved towards him and took off the tape covering his mouth. The guards saw Florence's action and frowned. They then looked at Benjamin hesitating whether to stop her. Benjamin's lips lifted and shook his head. "Flory is boring, let Clarence have a little chat with her. " He said gently. But it was repulsive to anyone that heard that