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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 269: Tremendous Jealousy

Under the temptation of making progress in her career plus that Timothy had sent the books to her room, Florence thought for a second and then decided to stay in her room to read the books. Seeing that Florence had agreed with it, Ernest curled his lips into a triumphant smile. As for Reynold who was still waiting for Florence in the studio, oh, just let him keep waiting. Then Florence began to read the books brought by Ernest. Sitting on the other sofa, Ernest was reading a book of other field. He looked quite concentrated at the moment. Florence shifted her gaze from the look and stole a glance at Ernest. The ambience around them was so harmonious and Florence felt it good. When Ernest didn’t do those ambiguous things to her, Florence felt it enjoyable to get along with him. “Di… Di… Di…” A string of ringtone of WeChat message suddenly sounded in the quiet room. Few people would send WeChat message to her now as it was early in the morning. Florence felt a bit confused. She then put down her book and picked up her phone. She opened her WeChat and found it was a message from Reynold. Reynold: [Flory, where are you now? Why haven’t you come to the studio?] Florence: [I asked for a leave today. ] Reynold: [Didn’t you say that you want to research the PJ Design today, why did you suddenly ask for a leave? Did anything happen to you?] Florence then recalled that she told Reynold that he wanted to research PJ Design and Reynold said that he would help her. Ernest suddenly came to find her and she was shocked by his talent later and she forgot about her appointment with Reynold. Florence felt a bit sorry for him and hurriedly replied him. Florence: [Mr. Hawkins sent all the books about PJ to my room and temporarily I can’t finish reading them. It will be inconvenient for me to move them back, so I decided to study in my room. ] Reynold: [Although you have books, you need someone to explain the knowledge to you. How about this, may I come to your room to teach you?] Florence: [No need to be bothered. Mr. Hawkins is in my room and he said he will explain it to me. ] Reynold: [He’s in your room?! He’s not a designer and PJ is quite abstruse. Does he understand it?] Florence: [Maybe he’s a genius. I asked him several questions just now and he really had knowledge in it. ] Reynold was rendered speechless. Reynold: [Are you staying in the same room alone? I’m worrying about you. ] Although it was just a text message, Florence seemed to be able to see Reynold’s worries for her through the screen. Ernest wanted to have sex with her at that night but failed. Although Florence didn’t tell Reynold about that, Reynold was so wise and he could guess what had happed roughly

No way. It could not continue like this. He must find out a way and take the initiative

. Although Ernest was reading book, he secretly had his eyes on Florence and saw all her movements. She chatted with someone and then put down her phone. Taking advantage of his height, he could roughly see the screen of Florence’s phone – it was the chatting interface of WeChat. But he couldn’t see clearly of whom she was chatting with. He roughly could guess who was at the other end of the phone. Ernest pressed his lips together and then curled them into an aggressive smile. This was just the beginning of their competition, and he would not give the chance for Reynold to chat with Florence by WeChat in the future. Florence was reading book with her head lowered and had no knowledge about the competition between the two men. She felt flustered at the moment. She was not clear of her feelings towards Ernest. Everything seemed to go out of control. PJ was a big project and it had to take a long period of time to research it. This was also the last task for Florence’s business trip to Riverside City. Therefore, for the next few days, Florence had been staying in her room to read the books and Ernest was her instructor. The atmosphere between them was a bit awkward at the very beginning. But gradually, it became more and more harmonious. Sometimes when she was in a trance, Florence would feel that Ernest was one of her best friends. If this continued, it seemed to be good to be his friend. With such a thought in her mind, she subconsciously relaxed herself in front of Ernest. She became accustomed to it when Ernest stayed in her room for a long time. As they always read books together, naturally they had meal together. Ernest was still picky even if they were not in City N now. He had an exclusive restaurant and ordered a table of dishes. He wanted to let her full-up. Ernest’s exclusive restaurant was at the same floor of the restaurant for the staff living in the hotel. But they were in the opposite directions. After finishing the meal, Florence and Ernest would take the lift at the other end of the corridor. Generally speaking, they would not encounter any staff of the company. Unexpectedly, when Florence and Ernest walked to the lift, they encountered Reynold.