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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 369: Tricked!

After a long while, Timothy came in with a tablet. Looking solemnly, he passed it to Ernest. “Mr. Hawkins, I’m afraid something is wrong. ” Ernest’s eyes suddenly dimmed, and his breath became heavier. His bad hunch seemed to be confirmed. He immediately took over the tablet. After he took a glance, his face fell. On the video that was taken by the mini drone, Wendell was sitting in a place where there was no one around. He was half lying on the deck chair, with a glass of fruit juice in his hand, enjoying the sunshine. He looked as if he was on vacation. Not far from him, people who got off from the ship started to move things out to build a house. It seemed that they were going to build up a temporary cabin. Timothy looked nervous. “Wendell shouldn’t be able to find that we are following him. Or, this must be another way for them to go back to the family. He pretended to bask in the sunshine, deceiving his followers. ” “Crack!” The tablet snapped. Ernest looked extremely annoyed, emanating the violent and frightening anger. “We’re tricked!” he squeezed the words between his teeth. Timothy’s expression changed dramatically. Tricked? He wondered if that meant that Wendell had detoured so much but he wasn’t heading to the Fraser family at all. Instead, he led them here for fun. “There's no way he'll find out about our tracking method. How on earth has he found out?” Timothy still couldn’t believe it. Based on his sense, he could tell that Wendell had no idea that they were following him at the beginning With the irritating face, Ernest ordered coldly, “Let’s go to the island. ” With the loud noise caused by the propeller, the helicopter landed arrogantly on the island. The strong wind caused blew Wendell’s hair into a mess. Looking at the helicopter that landed not far from him, Wendell wasn’t surprised at all. He took another sip of the juice and then sat straight, looking at the man who got off from the helicopter with a smile. Ernest was wearing a black windbreaker. The windbreaker rustled with the wind. He was like a devil coming out of the dark, and his whole body was full of fury from the dark and cold. He looked so dangerous. He walked to Wendell step by step. Then he stopped, looking down at Wendell coldly

“This ship wouldn’t go back directly to the Fraser family. After this tour, there will be other two-ship transfers before arriving. Every time we take a transfer, the servants will be changed

. Only the servants who pick us up on the last ship truly belong to the internal Fraser family. Only they would know all the routes. ” In other words, those servants on the island also didn’t know how to get back. None of the people here except for Wendell had ever been to the Fraser family’s house before. They just served and were controlled by the family outside. Since they had exposed, the next ship wouldn’t show up at all. The clue was broken here. Ernest looked so irritated, emanating a wave of frightening anger. He stared daggers at Wendell, “What if I don’t believe you at all?”“I don’t need to lie to you. I can swear by the glory of the Fraser family. I’m telling the truth. ”Wendell looked quite serious, earnest, and sincere. If it weren’t that the Fraser family was way too special, he was truly willing to help Ernest, the son of his friend. “Ernest, honestly, it’s the young master who direct gave the order to cancel my qualification for going back. The young master has always been very aggressive and ruthless in his work. If he wants to protect Florence and guard against you, you will never find the Fraser family and her. ”Otherwise, Ernest’s hidden tracking wouldn’t be found at all. Wendell suspected that it wasn’t because the Fraser family had found Ernest was following him. Instead, they had known that Ernest went to find him before, so decisively they directly canceled his qualification to go back. The young master was always ruthless and unreasonable when doing things. Ernest stood upright, his eyes darkened, looking quite furious. He wouldn’t believe Wendell’s words so easily, but he was quite sharp and sensitive when studying people. Ernest could estimate how much truth Wendell had said. At least so far, Wendell didn’t seem to be lying. Stanford had been to City N before and known what happened between him and Florence. Ernest guessed that Stanford must be on guard against him quite long ago. Probably Stanford also had something to do with the cut-off contact of Florence. Damn it!If Stanford hid Florence on purpose and never let her show up, Ernest didn’t think that he could find Florence again. The darkness of hopelessness rose from the bottom of his heart, making Ernest pale and almost unable to stand. He looked blank. He wondered where he could find Florence