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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 706 Tricks

It was not far away from the palace banquet, and they arrived soon. Opening the car door, Florence saw the same red carpet in the video, at the end of which was the luxurious palace. Her heart began to beat faster. Ernest was inside now. She wondered how he would react when he saw her. "Flory, come here. " Hector stood on the red carpet with his arms slightly crooked. Around them were the journalists. When they caught sight of Duke Hector, they immediately picked up the cameras. When they saw a woman come out of the Duke Hector's car, they were immediately excited. It was rather rare for the ever dashing and Duke Hector to come to a banquet, and now he brought a female companion with him. This woman must not simple. Breaking news! Breaking news! Florence frowned as she looked around at the excited journalists and Hector, who was smiling calmly. She used to be around Ernest, so she was very keen on the reporters. She didn't want to have anything to do with Hector. Florence thought for a moment, then deliberately brushed past Hector. Hector stood in situ, and looked at the graceful back in shock. She really didn't pay attention to him! The journalists were so surprised that they forgot to press the shutter. What was going on? This woman wasn't with Duke Hector? They misunderstood it? Arrogant as Duke Hector was, how could he be with women? It was more reliable that she was gay. The journalists were all discouraged. Hector smiled a playful smile as he looked straight at Florence's back when she walked farther and farther away. She wanted to get away with him? It was impossible. He strode along the red carpet and walked toward Florence. In a few steps, he caught up with her. He raised his arm to put it on Florence. The journalists got excited again. Words failed Florence. Was the man a limpet? Why did he cling to her? She turned her head and glared at him with a menacing grin. "If you dare to touch me, I'll bite you

She wanted to dance with him, but if he didn't want to dance, she would stay by his side. He was watching the dance and she was watching him. When a dance finished, the lights were lit up

. The dancers spread out. Some waited where they were while others walked into the floor and waited for the next dance to begin. But at this moment, the original romantic atmosphere was spoiled by a sensation. Most of the people looked at the door in surprise. "Oh, it's Duke Hector. ""He came to the banquet with a date!""He has never brought a date before. Is she his girlfriend? Oh, Duke Hector is in love?""I feel my heart broken. But look at that woman. She's so beautiful!""They look like a perfect match!"The women chattered in the hall, and the banquet got noisy immediately. Duke Hector was here?When Ernest heard the gossip, his eyebrows slightly raised and he looked at the door. Suddenly, his handsome face turned black. His aura was getting cold and terrified. Samantha was looking to the door curiously, but suddenly she felt the cold oppression, which startled her. She suddenly looked at the dangerous and terrible Ernest. "What's wrong, Ernest?" she asked weakly. Ernest didn't look at her, but stared straight at the door where the man and woman were walking together. The woman in the gorgeous dress was Florence!He told her to stay at home and not go out. Why would she dress up and come here?And, why did she hold the man's arm intimately?Ernest's sharp, fierce eyes looked like a knife, trying to cut off Hector's arm. At the moment, Florence was struggling to get her arm out of Hector's creak. As she did not have an invitation, she must be Hector's date if she wanted to enter the banquet, so she took Hector's arm. She thought she could fool it around, but this jerk clamped her wrist and did not let her leave. Florence was so angry that she wanted to lose her temper. But when she entered the door, she instantly became the object of everyone's attention and gossip. The burning gaze made her maintain her ladylike etiquette. She forced a smile and whispered, "Let go of me!"