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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 497: Trouble

After all, the person that had his face touched that day was Clarence, hence only he knew whether there were wounds on Collin’s hands, and Ernest hadn’t been exposed to it personally. Regardless of whether he said it was comfortable or uncomfortable, it would mean that he had admitted to either one of it, whether there were wounds on Collin’s hands. But if he gave the wrong answer, this would become concrete evidence in Benjamin’s hands. Florence frowned angrily, indeed Benjamin was up to no good when he wanted to stay back for a chat. He was highly suspicious of Ernest, hence he had intentionally set traps for them in his conversation, to test them. Perhaps, he even had a sound recorder on him. She was anxious and upset about why she hadn’t properly observed whether there were wounds on Collin’s on his hands when she was interacting with him. But come to think of it, Collin was a doctor, he was constantly in touch with surgical knives and these types of sharp items, as well as chemical medicine and machinery, it would be normal for him to have accidentally hurt his hands. It should be more rational for him to have wounds on his hands? Florence was speculating in her heart, she couldn’t help but turn to look at Ernest. Her hand tapped secretly on the table, hinting at him. Ernest pursed his lips and secretly shook his head at her. After that, he turned to look at Benjamin, and smiled mockingly, “Looks like Mr. Turner always gets his news wrong. First, it was the mistake during the face examination, then now you’re mistaken about the wounds on Collin’s hands. Looks like your informer has to be changed. ” These sarcastic words were despising Benjamin for being incapable. Benjamin’s expression was ugly, he felt his chest boiling with anger. Damn it, Ernest hadn’t fallen for it. Or could he be guessing? After all, he was a man, why would a man observe another man’s hands? Benjamin gritted his teeth, and said, “Oh, were there no wounds on Collin’s hands? I must have remembered wrongly, on his hands were no wounds, what’s more, he studies medicine, he has taken care of his fingers very well, they’re also especially soft, that’s why he is so meticulous during his surgeries. ” Benjamin laughed and said, “I made a mistake, Mr. Jenkins you won’t mind right?” Ernest smiled coldly. He could see through Benjamin’s sinister trap immediately. He was talking about feeling sorry, but in fact, he wanted to talk about the softness of Collin’s fingers. If he hadn’t been careful and replied without thinking, he would have been caught red-handed. Ernest laughed coldly, “Collin’s fingers aren’t soft, on the contrary, his bones are very hard and strong. Even if Mr. Turner you want to have a go with him, I don’t think you are his competitor

I’ve been blaming myself all this while. Let me toast you to show my apologies. ” Speaking of this, Benjamin put his wine glass in front of Ernest, as if wanting to toast him

. Florence frowned, this Benjamin was so thick-skinned that he had constantly ignored all her hints of asking him to leave, what did he have up his sleeves now?Florence said, “Cousin had already forgiven you just now, you don’t have to constantly apologize, annoying everyone. What’s more, it’s meaningless to use wine to toast fruit juice, just forget it. ”Saying this, Florence picked up her fruit juice and took a gulp, the solemnity of the toast was ignored lightly. But Benjamin still held his wine stubbornly, he even bent over slightly to put his wine glass in front of Ernest. He said with a deep voice, “I must toast this to you, if not I wouldn’t feel good, Mr. Jenkins, are you willing to give me this chance. ”Ernest looked coldly at the pretentious man acting in front of him. Wanting to toast was a fake reason, he had other motives. But it was no use having him constantly harass him. Ernest picked up his fruit juice, stood up, raised his hands casually, wanting to knock his glass against Benjamin’s. But before the glasses could knock, Benjamin became especially excited and moved forward to knock his glass. He was fast and crafty, avoiding Ernest’s glass, he headed straight for his arms to knock into them. With this knock, wine would be splattered all over his body. Ernest frowned lightly. Benjamin wanted to pour wine all over him to humiliate him, this guy was getting more and more low-class. He quickly turned his hands around, wanting to avoid Benjamin’s wine glass. But Benjamin was well-prepared. As if a plaster was stuck on his skin, the hand that was holding the wine glass turned together with Ernest’s hands as if wanting to pour him all over. Ernest’s gaze darkened, even though Benjamin’s actions were quick, but he had a good martial arts foundation, it wasn’t a challenge to avoid him. But the evil plot Benjamin had planned didn’t escape Ernest’s eyes. Ernest could avoid this, but he was currently under the guise of Clarence, Clarence didn’t have such good skills. Benjamin was now racking his brains to catch him, if he could manage to catch anything, he would bite on it. Considering his current plan, it was very troublesome