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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 469: True Rumours

His subordinate’s face was uncomfortable. He retreated a few steps, and carefully said, “I’m sorry master, the people we sent hadn’t managed to trace Ernest’s whereabouts. ” Benjamin’s brows furrowed, and he scolded, “Didn’t he go back to City N?” “He indeed went back to City N, but there were no traces of him after that. ” “Rubbish! You guys cannot even find such a big living man, what are you guys still doing here!” Benjamin was so furious that he trampled on his subordinate’s body, he kicked him till he fell on the ground, and threw up a mouthful of blood. Without daring to delay any second, his subordinate immediately knelt on the ground. “Our people had almost searched the whole of City N, but we still couldn’t see any traces of Ernest, it’s as if he had vanished from the Earth. Perhaps, it might be fake news that Ernest came back to City N. Maybe he had in fact gone to another place. ” Benjamin’s eyes narrowed, as if suddenly alert. Ernest usually had great tactics, in the past he had used the status as Jennifer’s son to return to the Turner family. He had then set off storms in the Turner family, and took away his right to inheritance. Now that he was hiding again, he might probably be coming up with another great tactic, hatching up an evil plan. He would never let Ernest win in his games again! “Ernest and I have the same purpose now, the fastest way to get the Turner family’s power is to start with Florence. But Ernest has already been forced away by Victoria, means he had already given up on this method, no, that’s not right!” Benjamin suddenly thought of something, and his face changed. He hurriedly walked to the window-side, and pulled open the window to look in the direction of Florence’s house compound, his face was trembling profusely. After a moment, he slowly squeezed out a few words from in between gritted teeth, “Hudson, don’t you think it’s too quick for Florence to suddenly have a change of heart?” His subordinate Hudson Miles shook his head, “For people to change their partners these days, it could be as quick as within a night. ” Florence and Clarence had not officially become together now, and it was considered quite a slow progress for their relationship. “Something’s not right. ” Benjamin shook his head, his gaze getting sharper. “Florence is like her family, stubborn and stupidly loyal, she values relationships very much, so she wouldn’t have a change of heart so easily. In her heart she still cares about Ernest, and even though she has given up, she wouldn’t accept Clarence so easily, what’s more…” Recalling what happened on the masquerade gala that night, it wasn’t too much to say that Florence had fallen in love with Clarence at first sight. A lady that had just broken up, why would she suddenly fall in love with another stranger? What’s more, Clarence’s appearance, status, charm, were all not comparable to Ernest

Phoebe went to look for Florence anxiously, her face full of worry. “Flory, now everyone is suspecting Clarence is actually Ernest, if this goes on, cousin’s real identity might be exposed soon. ”Florence frowned, extremely worried

. She had naturally heard the rumours these few days, and was also worrying about this matter. If it was simply gossip spread by the public, she would still have the courage to stand out to clarify and explain things. But these rumours were in fact the truth!Phoebe paced the room anxiously, her heart filled with worries. “What do we do now? We can’t let the rumours continue to spread. ”But they couldn’t think of what they could do to stop these rumours from spreading. “We need to think of a way to control this, there’s no way we can let mum and dad hear this. ”Florence said anxiously, worriedly trying to come up with strategies. Phoebe’s eyes flickered, and she said softly, “I’m afraid your mum and dad already know about this matter. ”Pausing for a moment, she said, “When I was coming over just now, I met Mr. Fraser, and he even asked me about this matter. ”Florence was shocked for a second, anxiously asking, “What did you say?”“Of course I denied firmly. But, looking at Mr. Fraser’s expression, I think that he is getting suspicious because of the rumours. ”Florence inhaled a breath of air. She knew some of Stanford’s tactics, if he suspected anything, he would start investigating. With his tactics, it would be highly possible that he would manage to find out some clues…“There’s no way we can let this continue! I’ll go talk to brother about it. ”Florence was filled with anxiety; she stood up and hurried outside.