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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 386: Truly Given up

Both the Fraser and the Turner families were the most powerful families in this world. They had been maintaining a close relationship always, and the marriage for convenience between the two was a tradition. The entanglement of interests in between was even more complicated. No one would want to destroy such a relationship easily, and they were even more afraid of the cost after the destruction. However, Stanford was the current young master of the Fraser family and he had the right to speak matters. If he insisted on falling out with the Turner family, the matter was really going to get out of hand. Even the master of the Turner family, Theodore, had no guts to take such a responsibility. Moreover, this incident was caused by Ernest. At that time, Ernest would be the culprit of the Turner family. No one could afford the responsibility when the whole family was against him. Upon hearing the aggressive threat from Stanford, Ernest pressed his thin lips, his smile becoming cold. “Mr. Fraser, you must have investigated everything, right? You should know why I came back to the Turner family and became its successor. I just came back to the family so suddenly without any supporters. For a family that my mother eloped to escape, I don’t have that much love and responsibility. ” Judging from his disdainful and indifferent tone, Stanford could tell that Ernest didn’t treasure the Turner family at all. Stanford frowned deeply, looking at Ernest up and down solemnly. He had never expected that Ernest would be so indifferent to the Turner family. The latter should know that he would offend the whole Turner family because of this matter. It was just fine for him to lose his right of succession, but he would face crazy revenge from his family. Stanford was confused, wondering if Ernest was truly not afraid of anything because he didn’t know the consequences or because he was too powerful to fear it. Ernest looked over at the jet and requested again in a deep voice, “Please let me meet Florence. ” His determined tone was full of hidden eagerness. “Impossible!” Stanford rejected without any hesitation. He was more determined. “Ernest Hawkins, no matter what you said is true or not, and no matter if you care about the Turner family, you and Florence are not possible to get married. I won’t give you another chance to hurt Flory. ” Hurt her? When Ernest heard such words, his expression changed. He wondered if his love for Florence was hurt. Faintly, he finally understood why Stanford was so hostile to him. He didn’t mean to do that thing back in City N, but it had made Florence disappointed and heartbroken. He had been suffered in the past few weeks, and Florence was also sad and upset. That explained why she had escaped so fast when meeting him again. He wanted to explain it to her, but judging from Stanford’s attitude and thinking about Florence’s escape, Ernest didn’t know if she would truly believe him. He didn’t want to lose this rare opportunity and miss her again. He raised his head and looked up in the direction where the jet was deep

Florence didn’t quite understand what on earth Stanford and Ernest had talked about. She wasn’t sure why Ernest rushed here. However, she witnessed the ending

. Ernest didn’t insist on meeting her. The depression in her heart spread. She became weakened. Inwardly, she couldn’t help laughing at herself - she had been fully used and rejected so decisively, but why she would start fancying about him after meeting him again and being kissed by him?Once again, she admitted that she couldn’t be so competent as Ernest in love. “Let’s stop talking about him in the future. Let’s go home,” Florence said in a soft tone, looking down. After going back home, she didn’t have to meet Ernest again, and nor would she need to consider this. Only time could make her forget this matter. Feeling that the jet was moving forward, Florence gritted her teeth tightly and closed her eyes. She tried her best to hold back her emotions and didn’t cast the last glance at Ernest through the jet window. Stanford frowned deeply, looking at Florence with concern. However, he couldn’t find the right words to comfort her. He felt quite fortunate that Ernest didn’t continue pestering his sister and moved her. Meanwhile, he was angry and irritated as well, because Florence had become more upset now. All the cars on the take-off lane had been driven away so that the jet had enough space to take off. Ernest stood upright aside, and his black windbreaker was rustling in the wind. Watching the jet slide forward deeply, which was getting farther and farther, he couldn’t help clenching his hands in the pockets tightly. Timothy was standing next to him uneasily. Finally, he couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Hawkins, we finally managed to find Ms. Fraser. Why must we stand here and watch her leave without doing anything? It would be too difficult to find her in the future. ”Ernest pressed his thin lips and didn’t answer. His handsome face looked quite cold. After a hesitation, Timothy asked gingerly, “Mr. Hawkins, have you truly given up?”He had followed Ernest all the way from City N to Farnfoss City and witnessed how powerful the Turner family was. He clearly realized the difficulties and dangers that Ernest was facing currently. Since he had insisted on being together with Florence, it was an extremely winding road for him. Besides, the Fraser family was so against him to be together with Florence, so Ernest had lost the support from them. In other words, Ernest was coerced and urged on all sides. In such a circumstance, it was absolutely wise for him to give up. However, Timothy would never believe that Ernest would have truly given up on Florence.