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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 534: Trying To Save Clarence

He stood in front of Florence with cold expressions, his thin lips pursed. He said silently with his lips, “Firor Sea. ” Florence knew about the Firor Sea. It was a very beautiful ocean and she had wanted to visit. But it was very far from the Fraser family house. Taking into account the distance, between the driving and sailing last night, they were definitely not there. Benjamin was lying to Stanford about Firor Sea. Florence inwardly understood, but she still had to comply and say, “Firor Sea. ” “It’s a place you like. You always wanted to go there. Before I could take you, Clarence was the one step ahead of me. ” Stanford’s tone was very dissatisfied. Thinking that Florence secretly ran out to travel with Clarence, he was very unhappy in his heart. but he was still reluctant to get angry with Florence after all and could only wait for them to come back to lecture them nicely. Benjamin stood in front of Florence looking calm and said silently with his lips, “Don’t talk nonsense, hang up. ” Although he was threatening Florence into talking to his brother, playing the video was inherently a risk. The longer it took, the more likely they were to make mistakes. Florence was being glared at by Benjamin so fiercely that even if she wanted to reveal something to Stanford, there was no way. She reluctantly said, “Stanford, I am going to have fun at the sea, so I’ll hang up first. Clarence will take care of me so don’t worry. ” “Wait. ” Fearing that Florence might already hang up, Stanford hurriedly spoke. Florence naturally didn’t want to hang up right away, she stared at Stanford with a burning gaze. Stanford said, “When will you be back?” Florence hesitated, subconsciously looking at Benjamin. Benjamin frowned and immediately motioned, “In a few days. ” Florence repeated out loud, “In a few days. ” Stanford had been watching Florence and he had noticed her questioning eyes, he frowned and asked doubtfully. “Is Clarence behind you?” Benjamin’s eyes darkened suddenly. Florence’s eyes flashed slightly and she glanced at Clarence who was tied up to the pillar in the other direction. He was too far away from her. She hesitated and nodded, “Yeah, it’s him. He just signaled to me that he wants me to hang out with him for a few more days and don’t rush back home. ” “In his dreams!” Stanford suddenly cursed with dissatisfaction, increased the volume of his voice and said, “You have to come back home in five days at most! Tell Clarence that if it is any later than five days, I will skin him alive. ” In the distance, when he heard the voice from the video call, Clarence sighed aggrievedly. Right now, he would rather be skinned alive by Stanford. Florence smiled, “Okay, I will be back as soon as possible

This was the only opportunity for her to quietly rescue Clarence. Florence was very quiet and careful. She quietly got out through the window, avoided the bodyguards and ran to the deck

. “Mmm… Hmmm. ”Clarence was very surprised when he saw Florence and immediately began whining. Florence hurriedly tore out the handkerchief from his mouth, “I am here to rescue you, let’s run away together. ”Clarence shook his head, “I am almost dying of thirst. Get me some water first. ”He had been tied here for a whole day. He was bitten by the sun and the wind. He hadn’t even had a sip of water and was almost dead out of breath. “I didn’t bring water. I will loosen the ropes first. ”Florence immediately went around behind Clarence and began to untie the rope for him. But as she began to untie it, she was shocked to find out that it was a strange knot. The more she tried to untie it the tighter it knotted together. After a while, Clarence was struggling in pain. “Don’t you understand? The rope is poisoned and my bones are about to break. ”Florence hurriedly stopped whatever she was doing and looked at the rope that ran around Clarence’s body. She was very puzzled. “This rope is very strange. I can’t untie it. ”To be precise, she hadn’t seen such a magical knot. If she tried to untie it, it only got tighter and tighter. It was like art. Clarence gasped, “Benjamin deliberately tortured me. Don’t you understand? Go find a knife and cut it. ”“Okay, wait a minute. ”Florence nodded immediately and was about to leave. Clarence hurriedly stopped her again, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t find the knife, you must remember to bring me some water or I will soon become salted fish. ”Seeing that Clarence still had the strength to crack joke at such a time, Florence felt helpless. Without any delay, she immediately went back into the room quietly looking for a knife and water. Just a little while after she left, two tall men appeared in the other corridor of the yacht.