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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 267: Trying to Snatch Ernest’s Woman in the Face of Him

Reynold was not conscious of it at all and was still staring at Florence with lights in it. “Flory, you don’t need to worry about me. I’m doing well and it’s not a big deal. ” So something really happened to him? Florence didn’t notice the invisible battle between the two men. She knitted her brows and looked at Reynold with concern. “What happened? Hurry up to tell me. ” Reynold shook his head, “You concern about me a lot and I’m so comforted. ” When speaking, he secretly took a provoking glance at Ernest. Ernest’s expressions became gloomier and he began to exude a cold air. Reynold became more triumphant. Although he didn’t accompany Florence to the fashion show and Ernest took the chance, he defeated him in this round of battle. “You’ve been my home and you also know about the geographical condition of my house. Usually there are few cars on the road outside of my house and they usually drive in high speed. But today, there were many cars out of no reason and they blocked several streets around my house. ” When speaking, Reynold shot a glance at Ernest with his teeth gritted. “I finally managed to get rid of the traffic jam half an hour later. But when I arrived at the hotel, I learned that you’d left. Then I went to the fashion show, only to be told that I was late and I was not allowed to come it. ” So this was the case. Florence finally understood why Reynold, who had always been punctual, would suddenly be late today. Florence was shocked that there would be a traffic jam on the roads around is house. “Could it be that there was an activity in the vicinity of your house? So the cars on the road suddenly increased. ” It was really magical that it even blocked the roads of the surrounding blocks. “But what confused me that there was no activity in the vicinity of my house today and it looked like that those cares appeared out of nowhere. Moreover, someone had turned on a signal shield on that road and my phone couldn’t connect to the network no matter what means I tired. This is by no means a coincidence. ” Florence also thought that it was not a coincidence. There was suddenly a traffic jam and even the signal of his phone was shielded. It was really weird. Florence was a bit worried, “Do you know what’s going on?” Reynold shrugged his shoulders and took a glance at Ernest meaningfully. He said with a teasing tone, “Maybe it’s because someone doesn’t want me to come to the fashion show with you. ” Florence subconsciously followed Reynold’s lines of sights and looked towards Ernest. In the morning, because Reynold was late and she couldn’t get in touch of him, she had no choice and got on Ernest’s car in the end. Moreover, because she went to the fashion show together with Ernest, she became his female companion out of no reason. Florence had been together with Ernest during the whole fashion show and the organizer even arranged them to sleep in the same room. Although this was because she was Ernest’s nominal fiancée, but the cause was that Reynold didn’t come with her

Reynold suddenly it a pity as he didn’t take part in this fashion show. Seeing that Reynold was so excited, Florence had a sense of resonance like she had found a bosom friend. “Yeah, I was also shocked when I learned about it

. Mr. Forager’s designs are really awesome and pleasant to eyes. But this time it’s different. The one displayed has a flaw. ”“A flaw? Mr. Forager is the most famous designer in this circle and his works are all perfect. How is it possible that the work he displays has a problem? Come on, hurry up to tell me about it. ”“It is…”When mentioning about the professional that she was devoted to, Florence felt very interested and intended to tell Reynold about the details. But Ernest calm voice suddenly sounded. “It’s late now. You should come back and have a rest. ”The words that Florence wanted to utter were stuck in her throat. She then finally realized that it was really late. Since Reynold didn’t live in the hotel, he had to drive back home later. She hesitated for a while and then said to Reynold, “Mr. Myron, you must be tired today, please go back and have a rest early. I will tell you about it when we’re free tomorrow. ”Reynold shot a glance at Ernest with dissatisfaction. He was certain that Ernest deliberately said those words because he was jealous of him. For people who were living in a city, it was normal to stay outside at ten o’clock in the evening. But Florence had always been a caring a thoughtful person and she asked him to come back earlier because she was worried about his safety. Reynold felt sulky, yet he had no choice but to nod his head in agreement. “Okay. It’s a coincidence that you’ll research the project of PJ and I can give you some instructions and answer your questions. Of course Florence was willing to learn from Reynold. With him as her instructor, it would be more effective for her to finish the task. She hurriedly nodded her head, “They I’ll have to bother you tomorrow. ”“My pleasure. ”Reynold’s tone of voice was casual and pleasant to ears, and it sounded like he was joking. Ernest’s face remained gloomy and was tinged with a touch of ferocity and danger. Was Reynold seeking for death?How dare he to provoke him in the face of him? He tried to snatch Florence away from him by all means and even appointed Florence to research the project together with him? They two would get along with each other alone?Your wish!