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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 628: Turn On the Light

A trace of a complacent smile flashed through the gray-haired elder’s eyes. He was pretty sure that Stanford agreed because he felt guilty and didn’t want Aldrich to ask questions about the examination result. They had their own purposes, and at this moment, they achieved the agreement. Receiving Stanford’s permission, Addison didn’t stop Aldrich any longer. With a darkened face, he showed Aldrich the way to go in. After passing several corridors and turning corners, they finally arrived at the room in the innermost. Outside the room stood several bodyguards. Addison nodded at them. One of the bodyguards took out the key and unlocked the door. After the door was opened, they could only see the darkness. There was no light in the room. There was just dark, making others feel depressed. Under the dimmed light outside the door, they could faintly see some outlines inside. Those outlines didn’t tell Aldrich where Benjamin was. Creasing his brows, the gray-haired elder strode in without any hesitation. As soon as he entered the door, he smelt the heavy smell of blood, some from the old wounds, and some from fresh ones. He guessed that Benjamin had injured more than he was several hours ago. He couldn’t believe that Stanford tortured Benjamin again within such a short time. He cursed inwardly. The gray-haired elder went enraged. He roared, “Turn on the light!” Addison was standing at the door. He raised his hand and turned on the light. The bright light lit up the whole room, quite dazzling. After adjusting his vision to the brightness, the gray-haired elder gaped at Benjamin, who was nailed onto the wall. Benjamin was originally injured seriously. Now, the nails went through his bones and nailed him on the wall. His body kept dripping blood. He was so lifeless that he could only exhale without inhaling. It was a sadistic killing indeed. The gray-haired elder’s hair stood on end, feeling freezing all over his body. He couldn’t imagine that if he came here later, Benjamin had probably died. “Benjamin! Benjamin Turner, wake up!” he called out Benjamin’s name nervously after rushing to him. He wanted to put down Benjamin from the wall. However, after raising his hands, he didn’t know how to start. He didn’t come with any professional doctors or nurses. If he put down Benjamin forcibly from the wall, he was afraid that Benjamin wouldn’t live for another hour. Benjamin heard his voice. His bloodstained eyelashes trembled. As if he had used all his physical strength, he opened his eyes slowly

He knew that Aldrich still hadn’t finished his words to him. Aldrich must want to tell him something important about rescuing him. Benjamin said in a hoarse tone, “I’m now in your hands and tortured by you every day

. Before I die, can’t I even stay longer with my family?”“Ho-ho, Benjamin Turner. You’ve done so many evil deeds. You don’t deserve any forgiveness and kindness from others!”Addison snorted coldly, looking at Benjamin with extremely disgusting eyes. Benjamin looked extremely embarrassed. He swore that once he escaped, he would cut Addison into pieces. He wouldn’t let go of any one of them!The gray-haired elder frowned and said in a deep voice, “I still have something to talk to him as a farewell. Give me more time. If Mr. Fraser also. ”“Mr. Fraser just called. Collin’s examination result has come out. He was about to announce it. All the Turners have arrived at the scene. Master Aldrich, you’d better hurry up and go there,” said Addison with a cold look to interrupt Aldrich. Aldrich looked extremely annoyed. Now the result was about to announce, but they didn’t ask him to go over it earlier. If he rushed over, the meeting might be finished already. How could he let such a thing happen?With a gloomy look, the gray-haired elder looked at Benjamin with a complicated expression. He said, “I’m leaving now. ”Benjamin was quite anxious. Parting his lips he could only nod. Since Addison was still here, they couldn’t continue to talk about their plans. All he needed to do was to wait. Addison stared at Benjamin coldly. Suddenly, he reached out and pressed the nail on Benjamin’s wrist. He said in a cold tone, “No worries. After walking Master Aldrich out, I’ll come back to accompany you. ”Whenever Addison was free, he would torture Benjamin in person. Benjamin’s body had the fear for him by instinct. The pain made Benjamin tremble. He suddenly saw black, almost fainting. He tried his best to bite the tip of his tongue so he could keep sobered in difficulty. In the bloody vision, Benjamin couldn’t see anything clearly, but he glared at Addison fiercely. “You’d better not let me survive. ”