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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 652: Two Became One

She had never expected that it had only been a few hours. When she saw him again, he had become like this. He was soaking in the water, and she couldn’t tell if he was still alive. He looked lifeless. Florence couldn’t help trembling all over. After gaping for a few seconds, she finally came back to her senses. Reaching out her trembling hands into the water, she wanted to pull Ernest up. She cried out, “Ernest. Ernest. ” When she reached into the water, she found that the temperature was so icily cold that her bones were frozen. Ernest was even lying in there. She wondered how long he had been soaking in the water. Tears blurred her eyes. In the cold water, she grabbed Ernest’s arm. When she was trying to pull him up, suddenly, a cold hand pushed her hand away. At the same time, “swoosh”, Ernest suddenly sat up in the bathtub. His arctic cold hand suddenly pinched Florence’s neck. He said in a hoarse and deadly cold tone, “I’ve said, once you come in, you’ll die. ” Florence felt a sharp pang on her neck. Her breath almost stopped while being strangled. She could feel Ernest’s intention to kill clearly. Opening her mouth in difficulty, she hurriedly squeezed a few words from her throat, “It’s . me. ” The hand, which was increasing the strength on her neck, suddenly stiffed. Ernest looked up, gaping at Florence with his twinkling and blurred eyes. He gazed at her in shock as if he couldn’t believe it at all. Frowning, he asked, “Florence?” His confused voice was full of suspicion. It had been over two hours; the drug effect had become stronger and stronger. He suffered more and more. His reason was on the edge of breaking down, so he also had several illusions earlier. He could be sure if the woman in front of him was Florence for real. He wondered if he was suffering so much that he had mistaken Dolores as Florence, which was just an illusion. Seeing how much Ernest was struggling and suppressing, Florence felt so upset as if her heart was pinched by a big hand fiercely. Until now, she didn’t even need to ask and could roughly guess what had happened. Ernest was drugged. He was also trapped here by the woman outside. She didn’t how long it had been, but Ernest had been hiding in the bathroom. He used the cold water to harm himself to avoid losing control. Tears welled up in her eyes. Florence wept and sobbed. “It’s me. It’s me

Ernest would kill her. Later, Florence would also hold her responsible for what was going on. Dolores couldn’t afford to offend either of them

. She just knew that she was doomed. Everything was doomed. With a pale face, Dolores collapsed on the floor. She couldn’t hold on any longer. Covering her face, she burst into tears. The bodyguards came in. Looking at Dolores, who was crying while leaning against the door of the bathroom, they both looked quite annoyed and solemn. They didn’t only fail to guard the door but also let the matter go towards the worst and the most horrible end. “Gosh! What should we do now?”They exchanged a glance with each other, noticing that they both looked as if they’d rather die. One of them hesitated for a long while. Gritting his teeth, he said, “I must go tell Mrs. Fraser. Inside the bathroom. ”After a pause, he squeezed a few words between his teeth, “Please calm down Miss Dolores. Keep an eye on here. Wait for me to come back. ”Anyway, they didn’t have any guts to rush into the bathroom to watch the erotic scene. Finishing speaking, the bodyguard rushed out of the study. The other bodyguard walked to Dolores in hesitation. He carefully helped her up. “Miss Dolores, please have a rest on the sofa. It’s cold on the ground. ”No matter how cold the ground it, it wouldn’t compare to the cold in Dolores’s heart. As if she had lost all her strength, Dolores was pulled up by the bodyguards, sitting on the sofa lifelessly. The lock of the bathroom door was broken. As soon as she left, the door was closed automatically. It wasn’t locked, but it separated the world inside from the outside one. Outside the bathroom, everyone looked worried. Inside, it was as hot as the fire. They were the ice and the fire. They were heaven and hell. After a short while, the left bodyguard led Victoria to the study. She looked extremely annoyed. She couldn’t believe that such a big mistake could happen in her plan. “Dolores, what on earth have you done?” as soon as entering the study, Victoria snapped Dolores in anger. Meanwhile, she could see that the study wasn’t as messy as she had imagined. It was still clean and tidy, but the lock of the bathroom door was broken. Dolores, who was sitting on the sofa in depression, immediately stood up in fear.