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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 452: Unfair Advantage

Lead by the person in charge, Florence and the others went to the shooting range of the villa. The shooting range had a field of target, with a wide view and a graceful environment. Exactly ten targets lined up on the grass. Ernest and Benjamin each put on the special clothing and equipment. Florence stood not far from Ernest. She looked at him with some worry and whispered, “Benjamin grew up in the Farnfoss City, where guns are not restricted and I heard that he often took part in road affairs, often using guns. He must be a good marksman. He asked for gun shooting to gain advantage over you. ” “Don’t care too much about him and just shoot casually. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. ” In China, guns were a controlled product and most people had no chance to come across them. Ernest curled his lips teasingly, “You don’t believe me?” Florence quickly explained, showing her loyalty, “I believe that you are definitely very capable. You are the best in everything, just…” “So, you have been admiring me like this all along. ” Ernest smiled and interrupted Florence, his face full of smile. With his relaxed joking appearance, there was no tension of facing a strong enemy on his face at all. Florence was stunned. Why did she suddenly begin to admire him like that? Why was Ernest so narcissistic and brazen? Her cheeks flushed red and she said awkwardly, “I don’t feel like talking to you. ” Benjamin was preparing for the shoot on the side. In a blink, he saw Clarence and Florence talking sweetly. The atmosphere between them was so ambiguous that even a blind man could see it. He had proposed the game as a way to slap Clarence and to let Florence see who was more capable and stronger, not to create an opportunity for the two of them to become closer. Benjamin picked up the pistol, turning it around in his hand and deliberately raised his voice as he spoke in a mocking tone. “Mr. Jenkins, do you want to become familiar with the gun first?” He stretched out his hand and handed the gun to Ernest with a look of kindness, “In China, I am afraid you must not have had any chance to see a real gun. Ordinarily, the ones you usually play with are all toy guns. ” “Since we are competing, I don’t want to talk unfair advantage of you. You can get familiar with it first and practice. ” The words felt well-intended on the surface, but they secretly contained contempt and satire that could not be concealed up. Phoebe and Stanford heard this sentence as they walked towards them

From the card game till now, Phoebe had troubled him everywhere. She had opposed him and put him in an awkward spot. Damn it! Really damn it! After this incident, Benjamin not only wanted to kill Clarence but also Phoebe

. Secretly concealing the murderous intent in his heart, Benjamin maintained a calm expression on his face. He said, “Although almost no one can, but I can still give it a try. ” When it came to this, even though there were thousands of horses running wildly in his heart, he had no choice but to say that. Otherwise, it would have been very humiliating if he didn’t fight. He couldn’t lose his momentum at the beginning, even if he couldn’t get the perfect score in the end, he could still trample Clarence’s score of twenty or thirty. The contrast was going to give him advantage. So, Benjamin thought about it for a while, walked up to Ernest and once again handed him the pistol,“Mr. Turner, you go first. ”If someone was going to be humiliated, then it was going to be Clarence. Ernest looked at the gun in front of him, raised the corners of his mouth and said ruminatingly, “It is better for you to shoot first. Otherwise, after I shoot, I am afraid you will be too ashamed to shoot. ”“Mr. Turner, you talk big!”Benjamin gritted his teeth, feeling completely disdainful at Clarence’s words. He was simply afraid of shooting first and getting humiliated, right?Benjamin was about to continue speaking but he heard Clarence talk. “If you don’t have the confidence to get the perfect score and don’t want to shoot first and get humiliated. Then, let me go first. ”Ernest smiled thoughtfully. Instead of taking the gun from Benjamin’s hand, he spread out his palm and waited for Benjamin to put the gun in his palm. This also put the right to choose in Benjamin’s hands once again. However, if Benjamin still insisted on giving the gun to Ernest, then he would be admitting in disguise that he had no self-confidence and couldn’t get a perfect score so he was trying to make Clarence the scapegoat. Although, this was his intention, but when someone said it out loud, he didn’t have the courage to continue to do so. Benjamin gritted his teeth inwardly and burned with rage. Clarence was simply despicable and shameless and hard to deal with for him!He had no choice but to pick up the gun again and walk to the front of the shooting platform like a donkey who was forced to dance. He stood there firmly, moved neatly and skillfully in a flow. He said with great disposition, “If this is the case, then I will go first. Watch carefully!”