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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 651: Unforgettable Scene

“It’s me. Florence Fraser!” Florence raised her tone and said to the person behind the door loudly, “Let me in. Open the door! Now!” No matter who was in the room, Florence could almost be sure that Ernest was in there as well. He was in danger, obviously. Upon hearing Florence’s yell, Dolores suddenly stiffed. Blood drained from her pale face immediately. Florence had come! If Florence knew what she was doing and what kind of situation Ernest was in now, Dolores was sure that Florence would definitely kill her. However, she hadn’t had sex with Ernest successfully. Since she wasn’t Ernest’s woman, no one could protect her in the end. Dolores believed that she was doomed. She was so horrified, rolling her eyes rapidly. In the end, she gazed at the lock of the door. At this moment, she could have only one way out by having sex with Ernest successfully. Since the bodyguards were guarding outside, and the lock would be difficult to open, it would take a long time for Florence to break in. However, the door of the bathroom was different -- if she forcibly smashed it, it would be far easier. Under the drug effect, Ernest shouldn’t have much energy now. If she forced him. Dolores was a decisive woman. As she thought of it, she started taking an action. She found something made of the stone in the study, which wasn’t big nor small. Holding it, she started to smash the lock of the bathroom door. “Bang!” The sound was quite obvious. Florence could clearly hear it. Frowning deeply, she roared, “What are you doing?” “Bang! Bang!” She heard the determined hitting sound which had been sped up. Outside the study, Florence couldn’t tell what on earth was smashed on, but the sound made her quite uneasy under such a circumstance. Obviously, the person inside the study didn’t have the intention to open the door. Florence could only rely on herself. Feeling extremely irritated and uneasy, Florence as in such a panic that she was like a cat on the hot bricks. She wondered if that woman would do something to harm Ernest if she was forced too much. The more she was wondering, the more Florence became. “Open the door now! Hurry up!” she ordered the two bodyguards. Both bodyguards looked quite pale. It seemed that the matter had been developing to the worst-case scenario. They dared not to do anything but just stood there motionlessly, ignoring Florence’s order. They wanted to buy more time. They hoped that Dolores could succeed. “Give me the key!” Florence couldn’t bear it any longer

She gaped at Florence with a pale face. Florence immediately walked to her. “What are you doing?”She walked quite fast while looking around the room

. She didn’t see Ernest at all. Since this woman was smashing the door of the bathroom, Florence wondered if Ernest was in there. As she thought, Florence sped up walking. “I. The door was broken. I wanted to take a bath. ”Dolores immediately closed the door that was slightly open, standing stiffly in front of the door to block Florence’s way. She tried to stop Florence. Since Florence came here, everyone was trying to stop her. Florence pressed her lips. Ignoring Dolores, she reached out and pulled her away. She was about to enter the bathroom. Dolores’s expression changed dramatically. She yelled, “You can’t go in!”Florence’s hand stiffed. Then, she immediately pushed the broken door of the bathroom open and walked in. As soon as she entered, the humid cold air overwhelmed her immediately. She frowned uncomfortably. Looking into the bathroom anxiously, she couldn’t faintly see a figure behind the frosted glass that separated the bathtub. Her heart immediately jumped to the throat. Without thinking twice, she rushed over and pulled the frosted glass open a bit. Seeing the scene clearly, she widened her eyes, which became reddened immediately. That was the most unforgettable scene in her life. The bathtub was full of water, and there was still running water from the tap. Since the bathtub was full, the water kept flowing out. However, it couldn’t wash away the blood from the bathtub. The slightly red-stained water was blood. In the bathtub, under the water, a tall and strong figure was lying. His clothes were in a mess, full of cuts. The broken pieces of his clothes were floating in the water. His face completely sank in the water. His eyes were closed and he looked pale. Florence couldn’t tell if he was still alive. In an instant, Florence’s heart stopped beating. She gaped at the man lying under the water and even didn’t know how to shed her tears