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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 89: Unpresedented Lovingness

They were in love but couldn’t get together easily because of the circumstances. But why did Ernest not stay by her side and comfort her in this situation, and hide behind the desk in the corner of the room? Was it because… to avoid misunderstanding? Florence looked at the disc in her hand. Did she interrupt their private space? “Erm… you guys can continue. I’ll take my leave. ” She put the disc on the table and turned around to leave. Looking at her back with his lips slightly curled up, Ernest talked with a low raspy voice. “I’ll go down soon. Wait for me. ” “… Okay. ” Florence replied without looking back. She left the room hastily and closed the door behind her. Gemma was staring at Ernest the whole time and noticed the slight curl at the corner of his lips. She was astonished at the loving tone in his voice. This was the first time she saw him being so patient with a woman. With a hint of jealousy, Gemma clenched her fists and suppressed her true emotion. Pursing her lips, she put on an envious smile. “I’m envious of Florence, with you by her side, she will have kids and a good life ahead of her. ” Ernest finally pulled his gaze back from the door and noticed Gemma’s pale face. His gaze dimmed with guilt. She wouldn’t have lost her fertility in that accident if it wasn’t because of him. He said in a deep voice, “I’ll take you to Collin. His skill is legendary; maybe he can help you to be able to be a mother again. ” He would try his hardest to complete this mission since this was what he owed her. Gemma smiled indifferently. Her forced smile looked even more saddening on her pale face. “I also heard Collin is a legend, so I come to you for help since his whereabouts is a mystery. But it doesn’t matter whether we can find him or he can cure me. Because I’ve accepted the reality. ” The more casual Gemma was with this matter, the more she made him feel guilty. With his lips pursed, Ernest fell silent with a mixed feeling. After leaving the study room, Florence had been thinking about her marriage with Ernest. She would have to forsake her role as his fiancée now that Gemma came back

” “Show me all the propitious dates for a wedding and I’ll take the nearest date for them. You can start preparing for the wedding’s affairs. Make it as grand as possible, I don’t want her family to feel that we mistreat her…” Georgia halted and didn’t finish her sentence, perhaps wanted to avoid saying things that might bring bad luck

. But she couldn’t hide the anticipation in her eyes. Florence struggled out of Ernest’s arm as soon as their reached the room and took a few steps back, keeping a distance from him while blushing, Ernest felt displeased at her actions. He didn’t like it when she evaded him. Florence coughed awkwardly and glimpsed towards the wine rack, “Mr. Hawkins, do you want some wine?” Perhaps it would be more comfortable to talk about this matter over some wine. Sensing her restlessness, Ernest nodded even though he didn’t actually want it. Florence promptly walked up to the wine rack and poured two glasses of wine, then put one in front of herself and Ernest apiece. She took a sip from the glass, as if mustering some courage. Then she stared at Ernest in a serious manner and said, “Mr. Hawkins, let’s talk about how should we call off the marriage. ”Ernest’s face fell dim upon hearing that. His fingers pinched the wineglass tighter. She mentioned about this before, and only stopped probing after he told her he was going to make some arrangements. But only after a few days, here she was bringing up the subject again. Did she want to call off their marriage so badly?Not so easy. Ernest said unhurriedly, “We can’t call it off now. ”“Why?”Florence flustered and stared at him with a dumbfound look. She thought they could call it off soon enough…“You saw it yourself yesterday, grandma had just fallen sick and not in a good health condition. We shouldn’t upset her in any way for the time being. ”Georgia liked her very much, it would be a huge blow to her if they suddenly called off the wedding without a thought-out plan. Florence hesitated and asked, “Mr. Hawkins, can you tell me what you had in mind when you told me we would call off the wedding after one month?”This question caught Ernest off guard. He was obviously uncomfortable. He was planning to find and bring “her” to Georgia, and then made Georgia accept “her” with the excuse that they already have a child. But he didn’t expect Florence was the person he was looking for. So the marriage wouldn’t be called off. There was no plan to call off the marriage.