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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 500: Unusual Protection

“Give me a moment, I need to…” “Please handle this now, it’s very painful, if he becomes disabled in the future then we’re finished. ” Florence urged him anxiously. Seeing her worried little face, Collin hesitated and frowned. That woman was still shouting in the medical equipment room, not knowing that he had already come out. He could just give her a shout and get her to come out right? The medical equipment room was big, she couldn’t have spoilt anything just by going in. With this thought, Collin shouted, “Stop shouting, I’m here. ” “So you’re outside, I’m coming. ” Phoebe replied happily, quickly running outside. Collin stopped worrying, and walked towards Ernest, “Reach out your hand, let me take a look. ” Ernest’s expression was calm, he reached out the arm that was broken. Florence’s breath was getting shorter, she looked anxiously towards the direction of the medical equipment room. Hurry up Phoebe, hurry up! A broken arm was easy-peasy to Collin, he reached out casually and wanted to hold Ernest’s arm. “Bam. !” Suddenly, a deafening noise sounded from the medical equipment room. Collin was stunned, his face paled immediately. He was frozen. Following that, he turned around aggressively and yelled, “What have you done?!” In the equipment room passed through a weak woman’s voice, “I didn’t do it on purpose, I… Ah…” With a shriek, a few banging sounds once again passed from the equipment room. Collin’s temples were pounding. He didn’t feel well. He couldn’t care about anything else, with a black face, he rushed into the equipment room like a gush of wind. Walking into the equipment room and seeing the scene in front of him, his face paled and he almost passed out. In the equipment room, the originally neat and tidy equipment were strewn on the floor, one by one, they were falling onto the floor. And as a result, the delicate equipment was all broken. Collin was trembling in anger, he yelled, “Phoebe, I will kill you!” Phoebe looked as if she had had a hard fall, she had some electrical cords tangled around her ankles, she was sitting on the ground, her face looking innocent. “I didn’t do it on purpose, I accidentally fell, how would I know, these things are so… so unstable, they almost fell on me. ” “Why didn’t they fall on you and kill you!” Collin was fuming with rage, he charged towards Phoebe like an angry god

Collin was truly mad with anger, fiercely, he walked in front of Phoebe, his fingers like claws, going towards Phoebe’s neck wanting to strangle her. If he didn’t kill this woman, he couldn’t put out the fire in his heart. His palms were almost on Phoebe’s neck, and could almost choke her to death any second

. Suddenly, a palm appeared out of nowhere and slapped his hand away. Stanford’s tall figure blocked Phoebe. He looked at Collin with a grave expression. His every single word was without hesitation, “Do not touch her!”Collin was stunned. He stared at Stanford in shock, his anger was unabated. “Stanford, look at what she did to my equipment? My babies are all ruined, I have to kill her today. ”Stanford took a look at the mess strewn around the room, but his gaze fell onto Phoebe’s ankles that were entangled by the electrical cords. He frowned, and said abruptly, “I will compensate everything for you with an upgraded version. ”Collin looked at Stanford in surprise, as if he had just seen the sunrise from the West. Stanford was standing out for this woman Phoebe? And spending such large amounts of money?No way. He hesitated for a moment, and said, “Some are custom-made, it’s difficult to get the master to make it, he has already left. ”“I’ll get someone to get him back, if he can’t come back, we will find someone to catch him back. ”Stanford’s tone was not polite at all. Collin was so shocked that his jaw dropped. He looked at Stanford unbelievingly, as if knowing him for the first time. Stanford and his relationship were tight, he also knew that the masters and designers were arrogant and impossible to get. In the past when he had gotten them to design for him, he had spent so much effort and energy and had sent so many of gifts over. Stanford was also always very respectful towards them. But now, because of a woman, Stanford was so frantic that he even wanted to use desperate methods to get them. With all these tactics, how determined was he to protect Phoebe?This was just an outsider woman, was she worth Mr. Fraser doing so much for her?