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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 124: Use My Card

Florence was cutting her own steak. Seeing the two men clinking glasses, she was confused, wondering if they had made a deal. However, it was proved that Florence was too optimistic. It was not only that Ernest hadn’t made a deal with Broker yet, but also they had a lot to talk about. She had already finished eating her steak, but they still didn’t seem to stop. Florence had been sitting there for a long while, feeling a bit bored. However, on such an occasion, she felt embarrassed to play on her cell phone. Ernest noticed. Approached her, he whispered, “Have you done eating?” “Yeah. ” Florence nodded. “There’s a shopping mall downstairs. You can go shopping. Use my card. ” Ernest passed a black bank card to Florence. Florence gaped at the card, which was a top black card without any limit. Only three of them were issued in the city. She couldn’t help wondering why Ernest was willing to let her use his card. If she was in a good mood, she could even buy the whole shopping mall by swiping the card. “No, thank you. I don’t have anything to buy. I’ll do window shopping. ” Although she was moved, Florence still pushed the card back to him. After all, gifts blinded the eyes. She was nobody to Ernest anyway. Ernest didn’t insist. He just said to her in low voice, “Don’t go too far. Be safe. ” “Okay. ” Florence nodded at Broker politely to mean goodbye to him, and then she walked out from the restaurant. Broker weirdly stared at Ernest. Although they just had lunch together, Ernest had already surprised him so many times. Ernest always dealt with his work more seriously than anyone else. However, he was distracted by Florence from time to time today. He could even notice that she was bored. If this was not true love, Broker wouldn’t be convinced. Finally, he came up with a conclusion. Looking at Ernest with a solemn face, Broker said, “Mr. Hawkins, please do invite me for your wedding. ” The wedding? The words sounded quite pleasant to Ernest for some reason. He was overjoyed. Raising his goblet to Broker, he said, “Certainly. ” Walking out of the restaurant, Florence finally relaxed and didn’t maintain her charisma of being a gentlewoman. She exhaled a sigh of relief. She always felt exhausted from socializing

Don’t you want to play any tricks!” As she spoke, Florence also pulled out her cell phone. She found Ernest’s caller ID, ready to call him at any time. Collin felt so regretted

. He explained helplessly and sincerely, “Flory, I really didn’t want to do anything to you that night. I have some special reason and I want to have a look at your wound. ” Florence looked at him with a wry smile. Collin felt so helpless. He added, “Do you remember that your wound hurt far more than it did at usual? When you were dealing with the wound, did you see any patterns formed by your blood threads around the wound?”Florence felt startled. The symptom mentioned by Collin was exactly the same as her wound was that night. She did saw the blood threads but they were gone in an instant. She thought that it was an illusion. Looking at Collin more warily, she wondered if he had done something evil to her body. This man was quite a medical expert, so he certainly knew a lot of things out of ordinary. She decided to do a check-up later in a professional hospital. Seeing that Florence kept silent, Collin asked her again anxiously, “Do you remember it? Was there such a thing?”“No, there wasn’t,” Florence answered firmly. Even if there was the pattern, she wouldn’t tell this freak about it. Collin looked a bit disappointed. Reluctantly, he asked again, “Think it over. Have you remembered everything clearly? You might have missed the blood threads. What about the pain? Did you feel it was extremely painful? This is quite important for me. Please answer me honestly. ”Seeing Collin’s expressions, Florence recalled those creepy lab scientists in movies. The way how they treated the lab rats looked exactly the same as him. She felt creepy. Then she answered more firmly, “Not, it really didn’t hurt that much. ”Collin looked as if all his strength was taken. He looked extremely down. “It couldn’t be. It looked like so much. Did I find the wrong person?”Seeing Collin was absent-minded, Florence immediately shook off his hand. She didn’t stay longer for even a half-second. She just turned around and ran away. Soon her petite back disappeared in the crowd. Collin looked up at the direction in which she was leaving, looking quite blankly. All through these years, he had found a lot of people. Florence was the one who looked like the person he was looking for the most, especially her appearance, which had made him almost ensure that she was the one. However, she wasn’t, was she?Standing at the spot motionlessly, Collin had an extremely complicated feeling. After a long while, his eyes sparkled. Looking in the direction where Florence had gone, he became more determined. After all, he hadn’t seen Florence’s wound with his own eyes. He couldn’t believe what she had said.