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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 445: Use Your Hand

Ernest grabbed her and it seemed like he would not let go of her if she didn’t satisfy him. Florence was in a panic and she blurted out without a second thought, “I can use my hands to solve it. ” Ernest’s gaze became more sexual. He tightened the grip on Florence’s arm as if he was trying to suppress something. He was just joking at her. Didn’t she know that her words were a big temptation for him? Her self-control collapsed into pieced and he almost lost control of himself and wanted to do her on the corridor. Feeling that Ernest’s breathes were getting heavier and hotter, Florence became more flustered. She was so embarrassed that she even hoped to dig a hole on the ground to hide herself. “Let go of me now. The… The maids are coming. ” She struggled weakly, trying to take back her hand. Ernest’s force was so great and if he didn’t want to let go of her, she would not be able to break free from his confinement no matter how hard she tried. But now, she took back her hand effortlessly. It seemed like he agreed to let go of her. When thinking of this, Florence felt flustered again. Would he ask her to jerk off him with her hands? Oh, that was so shameful! When Florence was lost in her thoughts, several maids walked over in order and greeted them politely. Florence, whose face was crimson red, was so guilt-stricken. Not daring to let them see her current appearance, she quickly walked to Phoebe and wrapped her arm around Phoebe’s, pretending that she was talking to Phoebe and didn’t notice the maids. Seeing this scene, the maids felt it inappropriate to bother Florence. Therefore, they became muted and left without saying anything. Hearing that the footsteps were becoming farther and father, Florence, who had been highly strung up, finally felt a bit relieved. Phoebe looked at her disdainfully, “Look at yourself. You look really like a coward. ” “That… That’s because…” Florence stammered. She was so annoyed and shy that she couldn’t utter a complete sentence. She took a glance at Ernest who was standing not far away and became more flustered. What could she do now? If Ernest asked her to… Her breathes quicken at the thought of this. “Phoebe, it’s time for breakfast. Let’s go to the dining hall together. ” Florence held Phoebe’s arm tightly and said in an extremely low voice. Phoebe didn’t think too much about that as it was actually time for breakfast. She nodded her head and pulled Florence towards the dining hall. When walking pass Ernest, she said to him, “Clarence, let’s go to the dining hall for breakfast together

How could she be so clear of Clarence’s preference? They must doubt it now. Florence stammered with embarrassment, “I… I…” Under her parent and her brother’s sharp and probing gaze, Florence felt in a panic and her heartbeat quickened. How could she explain this to them? Victoria narrowed her eyes and asked again, “What’s wrong? Flory, are you keeping a secret from us?” It was not only a secret

. She had many secrets. But Florence didn’t dare to tell them a bit of her secrets. She pressed her lips tightly, feeling excessively flustered. What should she do now? Her mom doubted it. If she didn’t give her a satisfying answer, she would find out that Clarence’s real identity was Ernest Hawkins!“Florence, how do you know about my preference?”Ernest looked at Florence and asked with surprise. He took a glance at the plate of green vegetable in front of him and then slightly furrowed his brows, “Could it be that you…”He didn’t finish his words. But his behavior and expression had showed what he wanted to express vividly. She had a crush on him?Florence was shocked and looked at Ernest in disbelief. She hadn’t expected that he would say this in front of them. She had a crush on him?She…“Clarence, why are you so straight forward? Florence is a shy girl. She would feel embarrassed. ”Phoebe rolled her eyes and immediately got a word in with a smile. She held up Florence’s hand and explained to it with a serious expression, “Flory, last night you asked me about my cousin’s preferences for dishes and entertainment activities. I disclosed all to you and promised you that I won’t tell others about that. But your behavior betrayed you and they now all learn about this. Don’t blame me for this. ”Florence looked at Phoebe dully. Phoebe looked really honest right now and her acting stunned her. But she quickly pulled herself together. She had a crush on Clarence, so she asked Phoebe about his preferences for dishes last night. This lie justified her behavior just now. But this was really shameful. Florence blushed and felt quite uneasy under their gazes. She justified herself awkwardly, “Clarence and Phoebe are our guests and they came from China. As a host, I should entertain them. This is the reason why I ask Phoebe about Clarence’s preferences. ”“Oh, got it!” Stanford said in a teasing voice. But his lines of sights showed that he was not convinced by her words at all. Florence had been his sister for a long period of time, but did she know what he liked to eat? What a joke!