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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 234: Using His Mouth

Florence froze, having no guts to move at all. She knew Ernest somehow. There was nothing in this world that he dared not to do. If she stubbornly wanted to be against him now, it was highly possible that he would do something. Florence still wanted to get along with all the coworkers in this meeting room. She didn’t want to make the situation too embarrassing that she couldn’t continue staying here. Gritting her teeth, she whispered, “Let go of me first. ” “Okay. ” Ernest let go of Florence’s wrist obediently, still gazing at her. His gaze was like an invisible chain, tying her up. Florence sat straight in the chair helplessly. The chairs were only a few centimeters away from each other. However, Ernest’s temperament was so strong, or perhaps he had such a huge impact on Florence, she found it so uncomfortable. Her heart couldn’t help hammering. Ernest’s gaze was glued on Florence from the very beginning. Hence, he had found that although she sat down next to him, she was sitting on the edge of the chair, trying her best to keep the longest distance from him. Her sitting gesture was stiffened. She sat straight, looking quite nervous and awkward. Ernest’s eyes kept being darkened. Before yesterday, Florence and he had got along more and more harmoniously. She used to be quite restrained, but later she had become easy and relaxed. However, what happened last night made their progress in vain. Florence had become more distant and resistant to him than she was when they first got to know each other. Upon realizing it, Ernest felt as if he had swallowed a cotton ball, which was stuck in his throat. He couldn’t puke it or swallow it down. However, he couldn’t move harshly. Otherwise, Florence would be frightened again. She had a lot of resistance in their relationship originally. He couldn’t do things that to push her further. The farce seemed to stop. Everything returned to peace. Looking at Ernest who was sitting next to Florence, Reynold felt so disgusted. It seemed that there was a pressure in his heart, and he felt quite upset. He tried hard to suppress the depression and sat down on the other side of Florence. Ernest’s eyes were darkened. He stared daggers at Reynold dangerously. His eyes were full of silent threats. However, Reynold seemed not to see it. Looking at Florence with a warm smile, he asked, “Have you finished reading the documents? Is there anything that you can’t understand? I can explain it to you

Ernest looked more annoyed. The atmosphere in the meeting room became more stressful as if the air had been compacted. Everyone found it harder and harder to breathe

. Since Florence was sitting next to him, her reaction was the most obvious. She couldn’t understand -- last night Ernest had done such things to her and it should be his fault, shouldn’t it? However, he came into the meeting room so fiercely as if he was angrier. What was he angry about?Florence couldn’t help being distracted. Absent-minded, she made a mess when speaking again. Reynold frowned slightly. He reminded her in a low voice, “Florence, you’ve skipped a few pages. ”“What?”Florence was taken aback. Coming back to her senses, she found that she had skipped a few pages. She was indeed in outer space. She blushes in embarrassment, hurriedly turning the pages back. However, she was so panicked that her fingers were cut by a piece of paper that was turned harshly. “Hiss--”Florence could feel the edge of the thin paper cut her skin like a blade. She lifted her hand immediately, only to find a long cut wound on her finger. Blood flew out instantly and turned her finger red. “You are bleeding. Don’t move!”Since Reynold was looking at the document in her hands, immediately he noticed that Florence had a cut on her fingers. He grabbed her hand and pulled it over. Then he pulled out the tissue in his pocket and wiped the blood for her. “Please press the wound using the tissue. Later I’ll get the first aid kit and disinfect it for you. ”“Okay. ”Florence felt awkward after her hand was grabbed by Reynold. She was about to withdraw her hand and press the wound with the tissue by herself. Right then, her wrist was grabbed by another strong hand. Ernest frowned deeply. He acted in a domineering manner and pulled Florence’s hand in front of him. Looking at the bleeding wound, he put her finger into his mouth without any hesitation. Feeling the soft touch, Florence stiffed suddenly. She lowered her head and incredibly looked at the man who bent down his head in front of her. What was he doing?The superior CEO of Hawkins Group was sucking her blood using his mouth. Florence felt that her heart was like being pinched by an invisible hand, which almost squeezed her heart. However, her heart stubbornly hammered. It beat faster and faster, almost jumping out of her chest.