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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 363: Vicious and Heartless

The maid was lying prone on the floor by the kick. Her hands pressed on the broken glasses, blood oozing immediately. Covering her hand in a hurry, she knelt on the floor, trembling. She begged for mercy while weeping, “Miss Marlon, I’m sorry. Please have mercy on us. ” “Humph! Have mercy on you? I’m locked up at home. You should suffer as well. ” Gemma looked extremely ferocious. Her vicious gaze fell on the two maids. “Get me my whip!” “Please, please don’t! Miss Marlon, please don’t hit us again!” Both maids trembled fiercely, crying while lying prone on the floor. This wasn’t the first time that they were whipped. Since Gemma was grounded in her house a few weeks ago, she had become quite irritated. She always vented her anger on her maids. If it was a trifle, she would insult them; if it was a bigger mistake, she would hit them. In just a few days, their bodies were seriously wounded. They were still suffering from the old wounds, but now she would hit them again. They wanted to work to make money, but now they were abused here. However, Gemma was quite powerful. They would suffer from the wounds only if she hit them; if they fought against her or escaped, their whole families would be in trouble. Hence, they could only beg her for mercy, “Miss Marlon, it’s our fault. We knew we’ve done wrong. Please. Please let go of us. We wouldn’t do it next time. ” While weeping, their foreheads were pounding on the ground. However, the more they begged, the more ferocious and excited Gamma became. In her opinion, she couldn’t lead a good life, how could she bear that those humble maids lead good lives? She wanted them to suffer tens of hundreds more than she did. “Pak--” She whipped on a maid’s back fiercely, the sound quite harsh. The maid cried in pain, but Gemma whipped more happily. She looked quite ferocious while enjoying the feeling. Since she wasn’t happy, the whole world should suffer as well. She would just vent her anger on the maids. As for Florence, Gemma had decided to make her live in hell in the future. In the house, the cries were let out so suddenly. The shrill screams made others' hair stand on end. In the corridor, the butler looked quite hesitant. With a fawn smile, he looked at the man in front and said, “Mr. Hawkins, something might have happened with Miss Marlon. How about I go to check on her first and ask her to come downstairs?” For so many years, Ernest hadn’t come to Marlon’s house in person. However, he requested to meet Gemma when he came here today. It was supposed to be a good thing. Miss Marlon had been grounded for such a long time

They deliberately poured the soup on me. I got scalded. If I didn’t teach them a lesson, I’m afraid they would kill me in the future

. ” Her words pushed all the blame to the two maids, making herself innocent. The two maids were greatly wronged. Lying prone on the floor, trembling, they dared not to retort at all. Ernest cast a cold glance at the two shaking maids on the floor without any compassion. His eyes were full of disgust. Gemma was ten times more vicious than he had imagined. It turned out that she had been pretending to be a gentlewoman in front of him. No wonder she could be so ruthless to ask someone to kill Florence in a car accident. Since he had found out the cause of the accident, Ernest disgusted Gemma and hated her to the core. If he hadn’t pushed Florence away that day, he was afraid that Florence would probably have died already. Upon Ernest’s personality, Gemma couldn’t live on after having done such an evil thing. However, the Marlon family used to save his life in the past. This time, Ernest was sent to the hospital, so he took it as a life for a life. Although Ernest didn’t punish Gemma quite cruelly, he called off all his cooperation with the Marlon family and suppressed them. The Marlon family was damaged badly. They couldn’t return how powerful they used to be. As for their damages and the loss of profits, they blamed Gemma and vented their waves of anger on her. Since that accident, Gemma was blamed and left out. She was also grounded at home. “Gemma Marlon, I tolerated you before because we used to grow up since childhood. You saved me from the accident back then, so I ignored what you’ve done. I’ve already known your true colors since quite a long time ago,” Ernest parted his thin lips and spoke ruthlessly while staring at Gemma coldly. Gemma shook suddenly, almost falling on the floor. She pretended to be a kind, generous, and graceful gentlewoman, but Ernest had already seen through her. It was just because the things that she had done did not harm him, he ignored all of them. Therefore, no matter if she was truly gentle or extremely vicious back then, it meant nothing to him at all. This man was cold-hearted, and he never took her seriously in the past. “Ernest. ”She sobbed, tears streaming down her face. However, looking at the man she loved to the core, she didn’t know how to explain. He was always wise. Since he had found out the truth about Florence’s car accident, he didn’t meet her at all. Directly, he punished her. She could tell that how much he had seen through her. Moreover, he also witnessed her beat the maids. When he walked in, she even didn’t have time to put away the ferociousness on her face. If she still insisted on making the lame excuses to him, they would only become jokes.