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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 78: Visiting Parents All of a Sudden

“Meow. ” The little kitten budged Florence’s thumb with its head and stared at her with big innocent eyes. It seemed to be hungry and its pitiful look made one’s heart melt. Florence caressed it and gently put it on her lap. “I’ll teach you, Mr. Hawkins. ” After finishing her words, she opened the plastic bag, took out the cat food and milk powder from inside and started to make food for the kitten. Ernest pursed his lips and did not utter a word, his deep eyes fell onto her at all times. The things for the kitten were complete, both milk powder and the milk bottle were available. Florence prepared a small bottle of milk formula according to the instruction manual and reached it to the kitten’s mouth. After letting out a meow, the kitten immediately started to drink it. Florence caressed its soft fur gently and said, “The process to make the milk is easy too. ” Ernest gave a soft reply and said with a thoughtful look, “You look like you’re feeding a child. ” Feeding…a child? Florence was dumbfounded by the description and her face instantly flushed. The little kitten that was drinking milk greedily in her arms suddenly became a hot potato. When the kitten had finally satisfied having its meal, Florence put it into the cat nest, turned and was ready to leave. “Mr. Hawkins, I’ve put the cat’s stuff like the milk powder inside the cupboard. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave now. ” “Wait up,” Ernest said and he strode to the bedroom upstairs. Florence gazed at his lofty back with confusion. Was he going to give her something? She looked at the time and it was half past eight. It was still not considered too late and it was okay to wait for a while. Ten minutes later, Ernest came downstairs and he had already put on a brand new suit. His hair seemed to be tidied up and he looked elegant with some formalities. He walked towards her and said naturally, “Let’s go. ” “Huh?” Florence was startled, and as if having thought of something, she quickly spoke, “You don’t have to send me, Mr. Hawkins. It’s still early and I can take the cab. ” Ernest did not give her a chance to reject and he went straight into the car after reaching the entrance. He then said with an imperative tone, “Get in. ” Florence could not refuse any longer and she could only enter the car. They did not speak along the way and Florence thought he would leave upon sending her back home as usual

” His voice was deep and attractive. He carried the presents and walked in while holding Florence’s hand. Fraser, Mrs

. Fraser. ” As soon as he spoke, the two elders who were sitting on the couch froze at the same time. They then turned and looked towards them. Both of them were flabbergasted the moment they saw Ernest. Nicholas was the first to react. He quickly smiled and said, “Why do you come all of a sudden, Ernest? Flory didn’t tell us before though, and we didn’t manage to fetch you. ”“I should pay you a visit since I’ve sent Flory back. I hope I won’t disturb you when it’s this late now,” Ernest said politely and he had toned down his distanced nature. Florence looked at the man beside her with surprise. He actually looked a bit amiable. “Look at you, we’re family, you certainly won’t disturb us. Come, have a seat. ” Nicholas quickly welcomed him inside and let him have a seat. Melissa only then reacted. She immediately stood up from the couch and tidied up the slightly messy couch. “I’m sorry, Ernest. I didn’t know you want to come, so the house is a bit messy. ” As she said that, she shot Florence a glare, showing her dissatisfaction that Florence did not remind her beforehand. Florence pouted with an innocent look. She did not know what went wrong with Ernest tonight either that he suddenly wanted to come over. “Ernest, do you want tea or juice?” Melissa asked obligingly. “Or do you want coffee?” Ernest who used to hate dealing with this kind of enthusiastic behavior actually appeared to be patient and courteous when he was dealing with Nicholas and Melissa. He glanced at Florence who was beside him and said with blatant affection, “I’ll drink whatever she used to drink. ”Florence uncontrollably shuddered. His gentle and affectionate behavior had given her creeps. What on earth had happened to Ernest Hawkins tonight? Yet Melissa felt content the more she saw. Their family background was not counted as excellent and she was worried Florence did not match Ernest’s expectation at first. Now that seeing Ernest seemed to like Florence very much, she was relieved