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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 379: Waiting for Her

Ernest saw a group of boys and girls in weird costumes, quite attractive. They were dancing violently. In his opinion, they were like a group of evils dancing. He couldn’t enjoy it at all. Disgusted, when he was about to look away, unexpectedly, he saw a petite figure. She was dressed in an ancient Chinese robe, the hemline of which reached the bottom of her feet. She was wearing a purple wig with neat bangs and a thin veil, which covered more than half of her face. Only her smart and twinkling eyes were exposed. She was looked at somewhere below the float and didn’t notice his gaze. He couldn’t see the shape of her eyes and appearance clearly, but his heart skipped a beat violently. He felt as if all his blood were solidified. Seemingly the girl he had been searching for a long time appeared in front of him all of a sudden. Ernest’s heart jumped to his throat. Subconsciously, he wanted to approach and take a closer look at her. However, suddenly, several men bumped into him and blocked his way. “Excuse us. Please move. ” A few young men seemed to be drunk, staggering to bump into the crowd around the float. Ernest frowned, took a few steps back. When he looked up again, the group of people were still swaying at random, and he couldn’t differentiate them from each other. The petite girl was gone completely. Ernest’s held his breath, wondering where she had gone. “Mr. Hawkins, are you all right? I’m sorry I couldn’t block those drunk men and let them bump into you. ” Timothy stood in front of Ernest, looking quite tense, sweat oozing on his forehead. He was so afraid that others would boldly bump into Ernest again. Mr. Hawkins never liked to be touched by any stranger. Upon hearing Timothy’s words, Ernest was taken aback for a moment, and then he returned to his senses. He wondered what happened to him just now. How could he find that girl so familiar and even lose his control somehow? He even doubted if that girl was Florence or not. However, when he was about to confirm, he couldn’t see her anymore. “Mr. Hawkins?” Timothy looked at Ernest, who was in a daze, in confusion. After a hesitation, he thought of the message he had just received and said, “Mr. Hawkins, just now we’ve found out that Ms. Fraser is staying in the Ferrier Hotel in front. Her room number is 8888. ” An obvious light flashed through Ernest’s eyes

But Ernest was their new young master. The manager nodded and bowed, showing Ernest to the elevator. “Sir, please follow me

. ”Ernest pressed his thin lips tightly, standing upright. Looking at the changing numbers on the panel, he became tenser and tenser. Soon, he would meet Florence. He finally managed to find her, although he had paid a huge price. Shortly, the manager took Ernest to the door of Florence’s room, looking a bit hesitant. “Sir, according to the information we’ve just received, the lady staying in this room has gone out over an hour ago. She hasn’t returned yet. ”Ernest’s eyes became darkened. “Give me the room card. ”“Well. ” The manager hesitated a bit. Since the guest had checked in, it seemed to be a bit inappropriate if they intruded without her permission. Ernest was out of patience. “I won’t repeat it again. ”His deep voice was full of threats. The manager trembled, feeling a chill rising from his sole. He didn’t have the guts to speak anything. Immediately, he handed over the room card to Ernest. Ernest swiped it on the lock. With a click, the door was opened. It was the most luxurious president suite, spacious and bright. Ernest strode in, his gazes falling on the suitcases and the skincare products. Those were products that he had never seen Florence use before. Ernest pressed his thin lips, feeling a bit weird. Then he sat down on the sofa. Timothy followed him in. Looking around, he didn’t see anyone else as expected. After a hesitation, he asked, “Mr. Hawkins, since Ms. Fraser isn’t here, are we waiting for her to come back?”“Ehn,” Ernest answered affirmatively in a low voice. Since it was confirmed that Florence stayed here, later she would come back. He decided to wait for her in this room. He wondered how the little woman would react when seeing him. Would she be shocked or surprised?Ernest pressed his thin lips, looking forward to meeting her.