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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 139: Want to Embarrass Her

Matthew was a shrew successful man and he figured it out instantly. He said ingratiatingly, “Mr. Hawkins, you flatter her. My wife is good, but she’s not comparable to your fiancée. Miss Fraser is beautiful and talented. She’s an exemplary person for all the women in City N. When you marry her in the future, she will definitely become your best back-up. ” Florence felt unease when she heard the blatant blandishment. This gentleman’s words were so exaggerated. Moreover, she was just Ernest’s female companion. If he wanted to suck up to Ernest, he should fawn on him. Why did he flatter her? But unexpected, Ernest was pleased when he heard the words and a smile appeared on his handsome face. Matthew and Lillian felt extremely flattered when seeing his attitude. No one in the party had been treated by Ernest like this tonight. Other guests, who had been paying attention to them, Those guests who came over to toast Ernest all felt jealous. If they had known this before, they would choose to toast Ernest later. Gemma was together with Ernest before and they received cold treatment, but the situation was totally different when Florence was by Ernest’s side. When Gemma was by his side, Ernest exuded a horrifying cold aura. But now, when Florence was together with him, he looked amiable and happy. There was even a rarely seen smile on his face. He was much more approachable than he was in usual times. Moreover, they just needed to flatter Florence, then their companies would have a bright future. This was a most welcome opportunity for these businessmen. They all shifted their gazes on Florence and studied her from top to tow, respects towards Florence emerging in their minds. They racked their brains to complement Florence in various manners. It would be good if they could please Florence. Therefore, the things happened at the next moment bewildered Florence. It was Ernest’s birthday party tonight and she was simply his companion, but the guests all focused on her, trying all means to suck up to her, including complimenting her and trying to start a conversation with her. Florence even had an illusion that it was her birthday party. But Ernest felt quite delighted and didn’t show any dissatisfaction to it at all. Florence toasted with a guest again. She then turned her head to looked at Ernest was not bothered at all and knitted her brows. This man used her as a shield, right? Although she felt annoyed inwardly, she still kept her smile and entertained the guests patiently. Ernest put a hand on Florence’s waist

She remembered clearly how they humiliated her at the entrance just now. Moreover, they were Gemma’s friend yet now they came over to toast her. Apparently, they had some other intentions

. However, many people around were having their eyes on them. Florence suppressed the comfortableness in her heart and maintained a polite smile on her face. She nodded at them and toasted them. The two women all took a sip of the wine casually. One of them said, “Miss Fraser, Mr. Hawkins is really good to you. You have a poor drinking capacity, right? He even specially prepared orange juice for you under such circumstance. ”Those who toasted Florence before also said this to her. Florence felt more puzzled when she heard that. Why did they come to her?She didn’t think that they were here to express their sincere blessing. As expected, one of them spoke, “Miss Fraser, you’re Mr. Hawkins’ fiancée and you love each other very much, I guess the gift you prepare for him must be a valuable one, right?”“Yeah, we just walked pass the gift area and wanted to see the gift you gave to Mr. Hawkins. It must be an awesome one. But we didn’t see your gift. ”“The gift that Miss Fraser prepares must be especially valuable. Only the most precious thing in the world is in Mr. Hawkins’ league. Miss Fraser must have sent it privately and this is the reason why it’s not in the gift area. Can you take it out and let us have a look?”It sounded like the two woman were flattering Florence. And Florence’s gift became the focus of attention. However, her gift was not on the gift desk. If she couldn’t take out her gift now, people would think that Florence hadn’t prepared a gift for Ernest. When you were exaggeratedly flattered, you would be so embarrassed when the lie was exposed. Every guest had prepared an exquisite gift for Ernest. Since Florence was the most important person in the party and was the focus of their attentions, naturally the gift she prepared should be the most valuable and eye-catching one. All people in the banquet hall shifted their gazes towards Florence and were looking forward to the gift she prepared. Florence slightly frowned and realized that this was their real intention. They wanted to embarrass her by this means