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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 213: Warm Milk

She was taking a shower with the heart jumped into her throat. Outside the suit. Ernest didn’t walk too far. He just stood at the door of the suite to wait for Florence. She should be the only person who drove him out of the door and made him willing to wait. All through his life, she was his exception and the only one. Right then, a hotel staff walked carefully to the door with a glass of warm milk in her hands. Seeing the man standing at the door, her obsessive gazes were glued on him. The light in the corridor was bright, shining on his handsome face. Every line on his face was so delicate and perfect. He was just standing there casually without any pose, but he was far better looking than those A-listed international male models. His shape with perfect scales was slender and elegant, making all women in this world like the flying moths darted into the fire. The hotel staff’s eyes were full of admiration. Ernest frowned, disgust appearing in his eyebrows. The staff was stiffened in fear. Immediately, she withdrew her gaze and said respectfully, “Mr. Myron, this is the warm milk you asked me to deliver here. ” She was s newcomer and had never served this room. Seeing the man waiting here deliberately, she mistook him as Mr. Myron who reserved the room and made the phone call. As soon as Ernest heard the name “Mr. Myron”, a dangerous light flashed through his eyes. Pressing his lips tightly, he snapped in a cold tone, “Take it back. ” The staff didn’t know why, but the man’s temperament was so aggressive, so she dared not to question him at all. “Yes, Sir,” she answered, turned around, and was about to leave. “Wait,” Ernest stopped her. He asked in a cold tone, “Does Mr. Myron always come to this hotel and stay in this suit?” The staff was confused, and then returned to her senses. She realized that the man in front of her wasn’t Mr. Myron. She said politely, “Sir, the gentleman who reserved this room was Mr. Reynold Myron. He also called to deliver a glass of warm milk here. Well. ” She indeed wanted to say that since he was not Mr. Myron, he couldn’t ask her to take the milk back. However, looking at such a perfect man, she couldn’t say anything to refuse him. When Ernest heard her answer, his face became arctic cold. That man gave her the dresses and flowers, and now even the room was reserved by him. It seemed Florence’s fiance was nothing in his heart, was it? Emanating the coldness, Ernest took out his purse and pulled out his ID and bank card. He ordered, “Check Mr

He stared at his watch, his face looked even colder than the night wind outside the hotel. “Hi, Mr. Hawkins

. ” Suddenly, he heard an enchanting voice. A woman swayed over with a charming smile, walking towards him step by step. As she approached, the air was filled with a faint fragrance. If it was another man who had seen such a beautiful woman, he must have been tempted already. However, Ernest only felt disgusted. When she walked over, he reached out and pulled his ID and bank card from her hands. Without even looking at her, he said, “Fuck off!”The two words were cold and dangerous. He had never been nice to any other woman rather than Florence. Particularly, this woman had bad intentions and always clung to him. The woman was so scared that her face paled. She was about to say something, but only to find that Ernest checked the time on his watch, pushed the door open, and walked into the suit. “Bang!” The door of the suit was smashed close. The air was extremely cold. The woman outside was shocked and disappointed. She couldn’t only leave. Inside the suit. When Florence was still drying her body, she heard the sound of the door open and close. This man was indeed so punctuated. In a panic, she couldn’t care much that her body wasn’t dried yet. Pulling the bathrobe, she wrapped herself in and tied the belt on the waist. In fact, Florence didn’t want to appear in front of the man wearing just a bathrobe. However, when she came into the bathroom, she was in such a hurry that she didn’t take other clothes with her. Besides, most of her dresses were thrown away. Helplessly, she could only walk out of the bathroom in this way. Ernest was standing at the door of the bathroom. As soon as he saw Florence, his face became extremely gloomy. He strode over, reaching out his long arms, and pressed on the wall to her right, blocking her way. He acted so fast that Florence was still off guard. She didn’t know what went wrong with him again. However, judging from his expression, she could obviously feel that he was pissed. And he was even angrier than he was downstairs earlier. “Mr. , Mr. Hawkins, what’s wrong?” she asked in a nervous tone. Ernest looked at the woman -- her slender eyelashes kept fluttering like butterfly wings, and nervousness and fear were written all over her face.