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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 499: Warning

Florence lowered her head to look at Ernest’s swelling wrist, she felt a strong sense of heartache. She couldn’t care anymore, treatment for him was the most important now. As for everything else, she would deal with them when the problem arose. After getting in the car, Ernest turned to look at Phoebe who was sitting next to Florence. “Can you help me with something?” Phoebe knew that she had caused trouble by asking Stanford to come, that was why Florence had to use such a painful method to divert him. Seeing Stanford’s difficult expression, she also felt a pang of heartache. Now that she could help out with something, of course, she would be very enthusiastic and proactive. She quickly said, “Please say. ” Ernest looked at the driver in front, lowered his volume, and said something to Phoebe softly. Phoebe’s face changed slightly, her expression worried. “Can I do this?” This was too challenging. Ernest’s tone was calm, “Just do your best, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. ” Even though he said this, if she failed… Phoebe looked at Ernest’s swollen wrist, then turned to look at Florence’s anxious expression. Her heart clenched tight, and she gritted her teeth fiercely. She had to succeed on this! If not, the consequences would be unbearable. The current perfect situation would turn into an absolute disaster. At the pavilion. Stanford’s face was dark and gloomy, he looked at Benjamin dangerously. “Benjamin, why did you purposely hurt Clarence?” With a sharp tone, he questioned Benjamin straight to the point, he had even called him by his name. The Turner and Fraser family’s relationship was complicated, but they were on good terms. Even Stanford had always been polite to Benjamin. But this sort of courteousness had to be built on mutual respect for the rules. Now Clarence was Florence’s favourite person, and how dare this Benjamin hurt Clarence. What’s more, it was at the Fraser’s house, he had been too confident of himself! Did he think that the Fraser family wouldn’t chase him away? Benjamin frowned, his attitude sincere, “Mr. Fraser, please, believe me, I didn’t intend to hurt Clarence, I didn’t think that his body would be so weak! Both of us are from the underworld, we know that our strength is strong, if we weren’t careful, it’s normal to crush someone else’s bones. ” Stanford frowned, even though he didn’t agree, he couldn’t deny what Benjamin had just said. If there was a wrong estimation of physical fitness, added with him not refraining from using his strength, it was indeed possible that this accident could happen

” His tone was imperative. Finishing his words, Stanford walked in large steps out of the pavilion. Benjamin who had wanted to follow along stopped in his tracks, his expression horrible

. He was the young master of the Turner family, he had the biggest power in his hands, there were more people underneath him than above him. But even with his status, he was underestimated, ignored, and neglected in the Fraser family. Damn the Fraser family. Benjamin clenched his fists, there was a strong hostility boiling in his chest. Just you wait, when he finished with Ernest and married Florence, and got the power in the Turner family, he would finish the whole Fraser family off!He would round up all the daughters in the family, and used them as an antidote just like dogs. Then, the Fraser family would no longer be the wealthy family of the century, they would only become daughters of a low-status family. With these evil thoughts in mind, his anger slowly dissipated. Following that, he also walked quickly towards Collin’s compound. Ernest had injured his hand and had to let Collin take a look, there would be a good show coming on right now. Of course, he couldn’t miss out. The sightseeing car that was carrying a few people reached the doorstep of Collin’s compound. Phoebe was the first to jump out of the car, she quickly ran towards the direction of the compound. While running, she shouted. “Mr. Collin, Collin, are you there? Quick come out to save a life. ”While shouting, she had already run straight into the place where Collin placed his medical equipment. Collin was sleeping upstairs, he got angry from all the noise and covered his ears with his pillow, intending to ignore the noise and continue sleeping. But after a moment, he heard something wrong with the source of the noise. The lady that was shouting, had run into his medical equipment room. The things inside were all his babies, if an outsider ran in and spoilt his equipment, that would be terrible. Damn it, he should have locked it. Upset, Collin flipped open his blanket, put on his slippers, and walked downstairs in large steps, intending to go to the medical equipment room. Just when he got downstairs, he bumped into Florence and Ernest that were walking in. Florence looked at him and said anxiously, “Collin, quick come and take a look, Clarence’s arm is broken