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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 268: Was Ernest a Genius?

With a gloomy expression, Ernest sent Florence back to her room. Standing inside the room, Florence looked at the tall man who was standing at the door. She said politely, “Thank you for sending me back, Mr. Hawkins. ” Ernest stared at Florence and his low and deep voice sounded sexy, “Good night. ” Florence was stunned for a moment and her face blushed. It was really rare for her to hear Ernest saying good night to her in such a gentle voice. Moreover, he was standing outside of the door, showing no intention to bother her or to force her. He was so gentlemanly and thoughtful. “Good night. ” Florence nodded her head in panic and hurriedly closed the door, She was afraid that she would lose control of herself if she kept having her eyes on Ernest and that she would do something to him. Standing outside of the door and looked at the door that had been closed, Ernest pulled a long face and exuded a dangerous aura. To research the project together with Reynold tomorrow? No way! He would by no means give this opportunity to Reynold. Ernest turned around and left. He made a phone call while walking and gave an order, “Timothy, bring all the books and materials related to PJ Design to my room. … In the next morning… After packaging her things, Florence decided to go to the resource center to find some books and then go to the studio to research the project. She felt surprised when she opened the door and saw the man standing at the door. Like last night, he was standing a step away from the door. Florence felt in a trance. If it wasn’t that he had changed his clothes, Florence would think that he had been staying the whole night outside of her room and hadn’t left. “Mr. Hawkins, are you looking for me?” Florence pulled open the door and asked politely. But Ernest was standing at the door and blocked her way, so she couldn’t go out. “Yeah. ” Ernest replied with a low nasal sound. He then fixed his eyes on Florence and didn’t say anything again. Out of courtesy, Florence thought she shouldn’t talk to him with him standing at the door. She hesitated for a while and moved aside, “Come in. ” Ernest pressed his lips together and then walked into the room in a natural manner. He walked to the sofa and then sat down casually. Unlike the looked he showed the others in usual times, he looked unrestrained as if he was at his own home. Florence was a bit absent-minded when she looked at him. It was like they were as intimate as they used to be in the past. She pulled herself together after a short while and walked towards Ernest, “Mr

I hope these will help you. If you need other books related to the project, please feel free to call me and I will send them to you. ” Florence widened her eyes in shock

. She was completely dumbfounded and couldn’t figure out what was going on. It was true that she wanted to research the project of PJ Design, but she simply intended to lend some book from the resource room. She hadn’t expected that Timothy would move those books to her room. And these included come collective editions that were not disclosed to the public. What a…Florence was amazed, but she also thought it inappropriate at the same time. Ernest seemed to notice Florence’s mental struggle. He took a sip of the coffee and said in a clam voice, “I’ve read these books before. You can ask me if you have any problems. ”“What?”Florence looked towards Ernest in disbelief. She thought that there must be something wrong with her ears that she heard about an unscientific thing just now. Ernest had actually read those books? There were a large number of books. She would barely be convinced if it was Reynold who said so. But Ernest started to study designing several days ago and PJ was a project that even she herself, who had been engaged in this industry for years, had to put great effort to research it. Bur Ernest finished reading all the books? Moreover, he was confident in himself and said he could solve her problems, which meant that he had understood them. Was he a genius?Ernest felt a sense of achievement when he saw that Florence was quite surprised. He felt better than how he felt when he surprised hundreds of thousands of people in business. He never cared about those people’s surprise or admiration, but he liked to be admired by Florence. “I’ve read many books about designing and you can ask me if you have any problem in designing. ”He said in a composed tone. But the contents in his words made people crazy. Florence was stupefied. She looked at Ernest like she was looking at a genius. He was so talented, right? And even those outstanding astronauts were not comparable to him. Florence wanted to open Ernest’s skull to see what was in his brain. It was beyond the limitation of human beings, how did he manage to do it?She thought that she was gifted and was confident in herself before, but comparing to him, Florence felt embarrassed. She was by no means a match for him!Florence was stimulated by Ernest and was lost for words. But she also understood that since Ernest was so talented, she would learn a lot from him if he was to teach her. After all, Ernest effortlessly solved the problem that had been bothering Mr. Forager yesterday. He was really intelligent and awesome!