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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 177: Was Ernest Pursuing Her?

Harold, who was at the other end of the phone, seemed to be busy with something and his breath was heavy. But Florence had no time to care about this, “Mr. Brooks, something bad happened to Ernest. Please come here as soon as possible. ” “What’s wrong with him?” “I don’t know. But he looks really bad. Come here quickly, please. ” Florence urged him anxiously, her voice full of worries. Harold seemed to realized that it was urgent and said hastily, “Don’t be anxious, Flory. I’ll be right there. ” After finishing the words, he stood on his feet and changed his clothes and then ended the call. After hanging up the phone, Florence walked to the bathroom. “Ernest Hawkins, hold on, Harold will arrive soon. ” But only the sounds of running water could be heard. Standing at the door of the bathroom, Florence paid attention to the sounds inside in worries, fearing that something bad would happen to Ernest. Florence felt more confused. Ernest looked good before going out of the bedroom. When learning that Charlotte had come back, he came to find her, yet he was in such a state when coming back after a short while. What had happened during this period of time? Florence subconsciously landed her gaze on the ointment on the dresser and pondered: could it be that Collin came again and framed Ernest? Why had happened to Ernest when he was downstairs? Florence was lost in her thoughts and couldn’t calm down herself. She didn’t realize that she was quite worried about Ernest. Harold arrived after ten minutes. But Florence felt like several hours had passed. When hearing the footsteps, she hurriedly walked to the door and opened the door for Harold. “Oh, you finally arrive. Ernest is in the bathroom. Please have a look at him. ” “Bathroom?” Harold raised his brows in confusion. Wasn’t Ernest sick? But why did he lock himself in the bathroom? Although he was confused, his major concern was Ernest and not willing to waste time, he walked to the bathroom directly. Florence knocked on the door and shouted, “Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Brooks is here. Open the door please. ” The sounds of running water from the bathroom stopped abruptly. Then the man’s deep voice, voice seemed to be tinged with sexual desire, sounded, “Florence, wait outside

Florence, who was peeping through the small crack between the door and its frame, was stunned when she heard the words. She finally realized that Ernest was drugged with aphrodisiac perfume before. No wonder that he would suddenly become crazy like a wolf

. Nevertheless, although this kind of aphrodisiac perfume had a strong effect, he let go of her at that critical moment. Florence felt extremely shocked. What did it mean when a man would still respect a woman’s will at that critical moment? Was it because he was smote by his conscience? Or was it because he loved her so much He loved her?Florence felt flustered when associating with these three words. Was it true that Ernest really…Florence felt her heartbeat accelerated as if there was a rabbit jumping in her heart. She looked at Ernest nervously for his answer. Ernest hadn’t noticed Florence who was eavesdropping outside the door. He pulled a long face as if he had gone through a hard time to suppress the sexual desire. Then he squeezed out several words out of his throat, “She was afraid. I won’t compel her. ”Florence was stupefied. It was simply because she was afraid?Florence recalled that she was really scared just now because she mistook Ernest for that man who deprived her virginity at that night. She thought that he would rape her again and acted like she was having a nightmare. But she hadn’t expected that Ernest would notice that she was scared under that circumstance and let go of her to relieve her stress. Florence felt inexplicably touched. She gazed at the man who was sitting in the room and felt that he looked so glorious and handsome at the moment even if he was improperly dressed. Harold quietly made the antidote and injected it into Ernest’s arm. After a short while, Ernest gradually calmed down himself. His expressions turned indifferent again. Seeing that Ernest had been detoxified, Harold put the things into his medical kit in order and said, “It has been a long period of time. But I haven’t expected that you still have not had sex with Flory. ”It was fine if he didn’t mentioned about this because the ambience in the room became cold again when Ernest heard his words. But Harold wasn’t scared at all. He continued, “Ernest, you should know that quickest way to get a woman’s heart is to make love with her. When you sleep with her, naturally she will be your woman. It’s a better means than pursuing her slowly like how you’re chasing Florence now. ”Pursuing her slowly?Florence, who was eavesdropping outside the door, couldn’t believe what she had heard. Did Harold mean that Ernest was now pursuing her? He wanted to be her boyfriend?Florence recalled how Ernest treated her well during this period of time and their romantic moments. He even tried to hit on her. It was indeed like he had some feelings for her…