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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 480: Was He Going to Leave or Not

“What’s wrong?” Florence was puzzled and asked, while the cotton swab was just a few centimetres in front of Clarence’s face. Stanford looked at the two and said faintly, “That’s K5. ” After saying that, seeing that Florence still looked confused, he kindly explained again, “It’s used to remove the rotting flesh of the wound. And when the skin touches it, it can corrode immediately. ” Florence was shaking like a leaf. Clarence’s face changed, and he moved back instantly, seeing the cotton swab that nearly touched his face. He said in horror, “Hold it tight!” He would indeed be disfigured if that thing touched him. It was too frightening. Florence then hurriedly put the cotton swab away and threw it in the trash. She curled her lips, looking at the medicine bottle she was holding. That was so close. She coughed awkwardly, “I took the wrong one. I’ll look for iodine. ” She immediately went to the medicine kit to look for it again. Clarence looked terrible as he sat in place, fussing inside and wondering. Was using iodine the first step? He suddenly began to regret letting Florence help him with the wound. But he had already spoken such endearments just now, and he couldn’t just eat his words directly in front of Stanford. Clarence felt melancholy. Florence was also biting the bullet to do this. All she could do was just remembering the steps that Ernest had used once when treating her wound to help Clarence now. She took out the iodine and checked it twice before dipping a cotton swab again and applying it to Clarence’s face. When the cotton swab was about to touch Clarence’s face, he grabbed Florence’s wrist. He looked serious and said in a low voice, “Flory, are you sure this is the right one? Do you want to… ask your brother first?” This was his face, and it had to be done carefully. He could be disfigured if something went wrong. Florence curled her lips as she shook Clarence’s hand away. “This is the right one. ” With that, she dabbed his face with the cotton swab. Clarence had a questioning look, gritted his teeth as he looked at Florence, enduring it with panic. He thought inside, if anything happened to his face, Ernest would have to be accountable for it! Stanford was sitting casually at the side, looking straight at the two. He frowned, sizing them up. Not sure why, he felt that the two looked weird together, not even like a couple at all

She had no appetite for food either. On the contrary, Clarence, who was sitting at the table, had changed his temperament surprisingly. He looked the same as Ernest, without any differences

. Clarence was elegant, aristocratic, and gentle. He even knew all about Florence’s eating preferences, as if he had done it many times before, and naturally helped her with the food. And he even forbade her to eat spicy food. “You can eat spicy food only after a few more days. Be good and bear with it first. ”Clarence said gently, placing a piece of braised pork in Florence’s bowl. Florence was confused with his demeanour and tone, whether the one sitting in front of her was Clarence or Ernest. Their face looked the same, and even his personalities were well impersonated. Florence frowned slightly, feeling uncomfortable inside her heart. She moved closer to Clarence and said in an extremely low voice, only the two could hear, “Why did you even learn his eating habits? Did Ernest teach you that?”“It looks natural, right? I spent a lot of time learning it. ”Clarence touched his chin with an ambiguous smile on his face, “I’ve done so much for you. Isn’t that touching?”Florence pursed her lips. She was not touched at all but feeling flustered and uneasy instead. Learning all this wasn’t something that could be done on the fly in such a short time. It seemed that Ernest had prepared for it a long time ago, letting Clarence replace him. So, Clarence didn’t just show up for the face test? Could it be that Clarence might stay here for a long time, replacing Ernest for real? The mere thought of this possibility had sent chills down Florence’s spine, feeling panic and bad. She didn’t want to spend time with Clarence together. Moreover, she didn’t want to be unclear about Ernest’s whereabouts, for fear that she wouldn’t be able to find him anymore. Florence gritted her teeth and said in a low voice, “When do you plan to leave?”Clarence was speechless. He looked at Florence gloomily, feeling heartbroken. He hadn’t even finished his meal yet, and she was already in a hurry to let him go? Where were her manners? Clarence lost his appetite instantly. He turned his head away and just ate his food, ignoring Florence. Florence looked at the man, eating gracefully in front of her. His movements and temperament were so familiar but yet rusty and strange too. He wasn’t Ernest. But what did he mean by this? Was he going to leave or not?