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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 79: Was He Taking a Shower?

Nicholas and Melissa took a glance at each other and felt relieved. Then, they enthusiastically entertained Ernest. They had some conversations with him, and time passed by so quickly. Florence sat next to Ernest and looked at him in doubt from time to time. She wondered what was wrong with him tonight that he unexpectedly came to her house and chatted with her adoptive parents. Based on her understanding towards Ernest, he had never been so idle and approachable. As it reached half past nine, Ernest muttered slowly, “Uncle, Aunty, I should return now. ” “You seldom come here, stay a little longer. ” Melissa asked him to stay. Ernest politely replied, “Well, it’s getting late. I’ll visit you again next time. ” “I’ll send you off then. ” Nicholas stood up and walked out with a smile. He glanced at Florence, “Let’s send Ernest off together. ” After having a conversation all night, Ernest and Nicholas had become so close that he addressed Ernest by his name. Florence forced a smile on her face. As Ernest got up, she followed him towards the door. As soon as they reached the door, a few drops of rain fell on their faces. “It’s raining?” Nicholas looked out and frowned as he saw the rain. Bang! At this moment, a lightning flashed in the sky, producing a loud rumbling. “Crack. ” The rain suddenly became heavier, and it seemed like it would turn into a rainstorm. “Why is the rain suddenly so heavy? It would be dangerous to drive on the road. ” Melissa frowned in worry. Ernest’s tone was calm, “No worries, I’ll drive slowly. ” “That’s not fine at all. How do we explain to Mrs. Hawkins if something happens to you on the way back?” Melissa shook her head in disapproval and looked at Nicholas, who was also in a dilemma. She said, “How about you stay here for the night and return after the rain has stopped tomorrow?” “Mom, I don’t think this is a good idea. ” Florence quickly said that. There were only three bedrooms in her house. One for her adoptive parents, one for her sister who was studying in university, and the other was hers. There was no room left for Ernest to sleep in. Also, Ernest was a picky man that had high requirements for living environment. “You two are a couple. What’s wrong with that?” Melissa immediately refuted Florence’s words

She stammered, “You, you should rest early. I’ll leave first. ” After saying that, she dared not look at Ernest anymore

. She immediately turned around and ran towards the door. She looked extremely flustered, as if something was chasing her from behind. Ernest stood straight while staring at Florence’s back who was running away. A faint smile flashed on his face. It was not until the door of the room beside was closed that Ernest withdrew his gaze. He turned his head and looked around the small bedroom. There were only a bed, a cupboard and a desk in her room. A simple furniture layout, yet it was filled with warmth. Her bed sheets and most of her daily necessaries were light-colored. Her room perfectly fulfilled the gentleness of a lady’s room. It was just like her. Ernest thought of the layout of his own room, and he had an idea in his mind. Florence ran back to the room in a hurry. It was not until she had closed the door and locked it that she finally felt relieved. The Ernest tonight, made her realize how dangerous a man could be. Fortunately, she would be staying alone in a room, and the night was finally ending. However, Florence’s thought didn’t last long. Her cell phone rang, and it was a call from Ernest. Florence felt uncertain, “Mr. Hawkins, is there anything you need?”The deep and sexy voice of a man sounded at the other end of the phone, “Where did you put the bath towel at?”Florence stunned for a while before realizing she had ran too fast that she forgot to tell Ernest where she put these things at. She said quickly, “It’s in the third compartment of the cupboard. ”“Come get it for me. ”Ernest said in command. Florence hesitated, “You’ll see it when you open the cupboard. ”“I can’t. ”With that, Ernest directly hung up the call. Florence felt strange. There was nothing shady in her cupboard, so why couldn’t he take it himself?Although she didn’t want to, she still went to her room unwittingly. When she entered the room, she didn’t see Ernest anywhere. She only saw that the bathroom door was closed, and there was a faint sound of running water inside the bathroom. She stunned for a moment, was he taking a shower?