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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 483: Was That Ernest?

At the natural lake, Florence and Phoebe laid out the picnic mat that they had prepared and put out some snacks. Stanford and Clarence had already rented a private boat. It was a little fishing boat that was neither large nor small, it had to be rowed by an oar, it looked like it had a very laid-back and elegant feel to it. The lake was massive, rowing in nature was a pretty good past-time. Florence had no other opinion, so the four of them were about to get on the boat. The little boat was not stable, Florence couldn’t stabilize herself once she got on. Subconsciously, she wanted to hold on to Phoebe, but Clarence who was standing by the side quickly caught her hand to stabilize her. A man’s strange touch on her made Florence stunned for a second, she retracted her hand anxiously. Clarence stood by her side, and said stiffly, “Let me make it clear, I’m not intentionally taking advantage of you, I’m doing it for your brother to see. ” Florence knew they were acting, just that she still felt uncomfortable. With her face flushed red, she said, “I know. ” Finishing her words, she found a spot on the boat and sat down. Clarence followed and sat by her side. Between them was a very small space, but they were not leaning on each other. It looked intimate, but it was distant. Stanford sat opposite them, looking at the awkward duo, he couldn’t help but feel that something was a little odd. After spending time together these few days, the more he realized that they don’t look like a little couple, but looking at their actions from the surface, he couldn’t figure out why. Stanford felt that he had never encountered something that befuddled him so much. Phoebe’s gaze was often subconsciously on Stanford, after observing him for some time, she realized that in his eyes were hidden suspicion. She was the person who knew everything, so she felt a little guilty. She knew that Florence and Clarence didn’t have a real relationship, no matter how hard they acted, they couldn’t act out real intimacy and flirtatiousness. The boat was swaying and rocking, it was easy to touch and bump into one another, intimate people would use this opportunity to stick together, people that weren’t intimate would quickly avoid that situation. If this continued, it was a matter of time before Stanford found out that something was wrong. After some thought, she used the opportunity when the boat rocked to turn her body. With an “ouch” she fell onto Stanford’s body. Stanford quickly held Phoebe in his arms. A woman’s tenderness in his arms, carrying a sweet and light aroma, was tantalizing Stanford’s senses. His heartbeat was out of control

” “Let’s go back to the shore. ” Stanford made the decision abruptly, and said to Clarence who was sitting opposite him, “Row the boat back. ” Clarence, “…” Was he now a part-time boatman? Damn it, can’t wait for this day to end

. Clarence picked up the oar with a bitter face and rowed the boat back by himself. Phoebe raised her eyes to look at the handsome man in front of her, it was as if a flower had blossomed inside her, she was so happy she could fly. Because of her, Stanford didn’t even want to explore the lake any further~All because of her…Seeing Phoebe’s gleeful look, Florence couldn’t help but smile. A woman in love was so easily satisfied. But it was a pity, she still felt like floating on the lake for a while more. Florence looked at the lake with reluctant eyes, admiring the view by the shore. But she couldn’t help noticing that in the forest was a silhouette that had flashed by. What’s more, that silhouette was especially familiar. It was so familiar that her heart skipped a beat. Florence looked towards the forest once again anxiously, but she couldn’t see the silhouette anymore. Her heart couldn’t help beating strongly, without a reason, she felt that she hadn’t seen wrongly, that silhouette belonged to Ernest. Could it be that Ernest was here too?Could he be in the forest?Florence’s mood that had been down for the past few days suddenly flew high in happiness, she couldn’t wait to put on a pair of wings and fly to the forest on the shore. “Cousin, row faster, Phoebe is feeling very uncomfortable because of her boat sickness, let’s go back to shore quickly. ”Florence hurried him anxiously, at the same time picking up another oar, helping him to row. Clarence’s lips twitched and he stopped her immediately. “Stop stop stop, stop rowing. ”Florence was worried that she would miss something, she only wanted to get back on shore quickly, “No worries, I’ll help you. ”Clarence was dejected, he abruptly raised his hands and clutched the oar that Florence was rowing with. “My good lady, if you’re rowing this way, the boat would be moving slower. ”Florence, “…” She was sincerely wanting to help. But looking at Clarence’s unappreciative expression, she could only put down her oar. “You row then, you can row faster. ”Clarence, “…” He really wanted to quit any time.