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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 140: Water Could Carry a Boat and Overturn it

“She’s so beautiful. ” “She’s not only beautiful but talented. I’m sure this series named ‘Dreamlike Love’ would become the hottest and most popular clothes soon. ” “I like this kind of woman who has both beauty and talents. If there’s any chance, I’ll definitely go after her. ” While looking at Florence stunningly, the media workers and audience were discussing in low voices. Especially those men. They glinted at her burning and obsessively. The atmosphere had reached the highest. At the backstage and behind the curtain, the smile on Ernest’s face faded bit by bit. He glanced at each man on the scene coldly. He was so annoyed by the glint in their eyes. He even regretted it a bit that he let Florence show up after dressing up so beautifully. At this moment, all he wanted was to pack her up, take her back home, tie her up beside him, and hide her in his pocket so that he was the only man who could see her. Florence didn’t know Ernest’s thoughts and the discussion off-stage. In the high-heels, she walked to the front of the stage elegantly. The host was waiting for her and all the models dressing the clothes of the ‘Dreamlike Love’ series were waiting for her. Seeing them presented her design perfectly, Florence felt extremely satisfied. It was that she had seen the child who was brought up by her had grown up. The host was quite professional. He adjusted the atmosphere on the scene from time to time. Although it was not a long fashion show, he made it render the best effect. When the atmosphere had become the highest again, a harsh voice suddenly appeared from the applause and the exclaiming. It was sharp and sarcastic. “She’s just an infamous designer. Why did she get the support from Hawkins Group and hold the fashion show that belongs to a front-line designer? Have you all ever wondered what she had done to gain all of them?” If nobody disclosed it, others would guess that Florence relied on the fortunate and her works were appreciated by others. However, when someone pointed it out deliberately, it sounded completely different. Seemingly there were a lot of dark inside stories within it. The media loved gossips the most. Hence, instantly, all the cameras were focused on the woman who had just spoken. Then they recognized that woman . everyone was more shocked. “It’s Isabel Hopkins, the famous designer

All of the attendees knew that Ernest was the CEO of Hawkins Group. Florence suddenly signed the contract with Hawkins group all of a sudden and spent a lot of money to advertise for her work. At the thought of that, they realized that what Florence had achieved today must be because she had done something dirty for sure

. “Florence Fraser, the fashion industry only looks upon the talent instead of the shortcuts you take and your backers. Only a designer with a pure and innocent heart would be favored by others. And you, you’ve done such a dirty thing to achieve your achievement by every possible means. Your design is also dirty,” Isabel scolded Florence seriously while pointing at her nose. She was like standing on the top of the morality, disclosing Florence’s guilty and dark history one by one. All the camera once again focused on Florence. However, at this moment, they were picturing her embarrassment. Within the crowd, people kept questioning, “Ms. Fraser, could you explain it? Are you Mr. Hawkins’ mistress?”“Ms. Fraser, did Mr. Hawkins helped you particularly so that you could have signed the contract with Hawkins Group and hold this fashion show?”“Ms. Fraser, what on earth was your trade between Mr. Hawkins?”“Ms. Fraser, when did you hook up with Mr. Hawkins?”Each question was sharper than the other. They just didn’t say frankly that Florence had sold her to Ernest and become his mistress. Florence was stiffened on the stage, looking slightly pale. The cameras could bring her endless glories and they could also become countless sharp daggers. This double-edged sword could easily cut a person. However, she couldn’t pull Ernest into the mire. She didn’t want that noble and respectful man to get any stain, even if that was for her. Florence gritted her teeth, looking at all the audience in anger. She said, stressing each syllable, “I signed the contract with Hawkins Group all of a sudden for real. Also, the company provided me with the chance to hold this fashion show. However, haven’t you all witnessed if my designs are good enough?“Why my design and the favored clothes should be involved in such darkness? Can’t I be recognized by you all just based on my design only?”The noisy scene quieted down for a moment. Besides this grand fashion show, Florence’s design of ‘Dreamlike Love’ indeed had stunned them. They all couldn’t help falling in love with the series and wanting to buy them. However.