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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 258: Way Too Close

However, they had something else to do now. Ernest said, “Go straighten up yourself. We’ll go to the sample studio later. ” “What?” Florence asked in surprise, “Are we chosen to visit the sample studio?” There were all designed clothes for the whole fashion show. Could she look at them closely? She could even meet the designers and talk to them, couldn’t she? Florence had never expected that she would be so lucky. Ernest hesitated and answered, “Sort of. ” He meant yes. However, Florence sensed something fishy when looking at his hesitant face. She guessed that Ernest had used his power to get in by the back door. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so lucky. Since they could go there, Florence didn’t care that much. She wouldn’t waste such a good chance. Immediately, she got off the bed and rushed to the bathroom. While walking, she said, “I’ll be ready soon. ” Perhaps Ernest wanted Florence to sleep in longer, he didn’t wake her up much earlier before two o’clock. There were only less than twenty minutes left. Florence checked the time and straightened herself as fast as she could. It didn’t take her much time to fix her makeup, but it was more troublesome to put the evening dress back on. Florence put on the dress in difficulty, but she found a problem that brought her a migraine. The dress was well-designed with high quality, but the back of the dress needed to be tied up. She couldn’t do it herself why twisting her hands. There must be someone to help her. In the morning, she asked a coworker for help, but now. Ernest was the only one in the room besides her. Should she ask him for help? As soon as Florence thought of the scene that Ernest helped her tie up the belts, her heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. Her breath was even fastened. However, if she didn’t ask him for help, she couldn’t go out in this evening dress. After hesitating for another two or three valuable minutes, Florence could tell that there wouldn’t be enough time left. Gritting her teeth, she pulled the door of the bathroom. “Well, Mr. Hawkins, could you do me a favor, please?” Ernest had already put his suit jacket on and straightened himself up. He looked noble and handsome. He tilted to look at her head poked from the bathroom. “What can I do for you?” Florence’s face was a bit reddened. “The back of my dress needs to be tied up. I can’t do it myself. Could you help me do it please?” “Of course,” Ernest agreed immediately, looking quite natural

She tried her best to endure those feelings so that she didn’t show any weirdness on her face. She didn’t know how long it had passed. As if she had been suffered for a century, the belt behind her was tied

. “Done,” Ernest said in a deep voice. As soon as he let go, Florence finally breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Mr. Hawkins. ”She wished that she could escape from here. Immediately, she turned around and trotted outside of the bathroom. However--She trotted so fast and the floor in the bathroom was quite slippery. She slipped, falling forward. “Ah!” Florence cried out in panic. When she lost her balance and fell, a strong arm with muscles wrapped around her waist suddenly. Then she was pulled into Ernest’s arms. The man’s familiar scent overwhelmed her immediately. It was so elegant and pleasant to smell. As soon as Florence smelt it, all the cells in her body fiercely trembled. In a panic, she raised her head and looked at the man’s handsome face that was bent down. There was only one meter between them at the most. Their breath was winding, feeling so ambiguous and hot. If their lips would move forward a bit, they would cling to each other. Florence stiffed, having not guts to move at all. Only her heart was hammering crazily as if it would fly out of her chest unrestrainedly. Ernest held Florence in his arms, his eyes turning quite deep immediately. His breath was so heavy as if it was on fire in an instant. Her soft body that fascinated him was in his arms. Her sweet lips that made him miss were in front of him. His restraint broke down in an instant. Craziness twinkled in Ernest’s eyes. Gazing at Florence, his thin lips were going down gradually. Since he wanted to do it, he must kiss her, for which he had been longing for a long time. Florence suddenly widened her eyes. All the cells in her body were tightened. By instinct to react when she was extremely nervous, she pushed away Ernest. Without having the guts to glance at him, she lowered her head and trotted out.