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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 197: We’ll Be a Family

Boyfriend? Florence flushed again when she heard the word. She retorted uneasily, “You’re also clear of my relationship with Ernest. How can he be my boyfriend?” “Yeah, oh yes, he’s not your boyfriend. He’s your thoughtful fiancé. ” Phoebe replied in a teasing tone. Florence glared at him with shy and fluster. “Don’t talk nonsense. ” “I’m not talking nonsense. I was telling you the truth. Even among those real couples, few boyfriends could treat their girlfriends so well like Mr. Hawkins do. See, he’s very busy, but he still found time to accompany you to visit me and is now waiting for you, while you’re talking nonsense with me. Many women dream of having such a boyfriend. Mr. Hawkins is even more patient than those boyfriends who can accompany their girlfriends to go shopping. ” Gushes of weird feelings emerged in Florence’s heart when she heard Phoebe’s words. She was clearer than Phoebe about how busy Ernest was in usual times. However, it seemed that he was willing to spend much time on her all the time. Now he even accompanied her to visit her friend and was now waiting for her patiently. Phoebe gently nudged Florence and said in a low voice, “Flory, Harold came to see me this morning and told me about what had happened to you in the party last night. Turns out that Gemma has been deceiving you and she has no relationship with Ernest. ” Florence nodded. Phoebe continued, “That’s good! Since Ernest is not in a relationship with other woman, you’ll have the chance!” “What chance?” “Of course, it’s the chance to be his girlfriend!” Phoebe said in a serious tone and with an ambiguous look, “Ernest doesn’t have a crush on the other woman and he’s so good to you. I heard that his birthday party was specially held for you, with the purpose to introduce to everyone in the city. When a man is willing to introduce to others in such an official and ceremonious manner, it means that he likes you very much. ” Florence stiffened with a dumbfounded look. It was true that she basically met every one from the upper-class of City N. She thought that the reason why Ernest led her to toast the guests was because she was his female companion. Florence recalled that Ernest brought her together when he went to toast the guests and he accompanied her to the lounge when she said she wanted to have a rest. At that time, she had an illusion that she was the birthday person. But she hadn’t expected that Ernest real purpose was use the opportunity to introduce her, as his fiancée, to everyone in City N. If Ernest didn’t marry her after introducing her to everyone in upper class officially, it would have a huge negative impact on his reputation

No man is comparable to him and there’s not a second Ernest Hawkins in the world. Flory, what do you think? You and Ernest has an engagement, would you like to take the chance to be with him?” To be with him… Florence’s heartbeats became quicker. She had never thought about this question

. But at this moment, she didn’t felt averse to it; instead, she inexplicably felt the proposal attractive. Could it be that she also wanted to be with him?Florence couldn’t tell how she felt at the moment. But she became more flustered and confused. …Florence’s mind was in a mess after they visited Phoebe and she always felt unease in the face of Ernest. It seemed like he had a crush on her, but he never told her that he liked her. Moreover, what were her feelings towards Ernest?Florence was in a mess yet she couldn’t figure it out. One day, after getting off work, Ernest went back home with Florence as usual. But they were not heading towards his villa. “Grandma asked us to have dinner together. ” Ernest said to Florence. Ernest’s grandma visited her in person when she was injured last time. Now she had recovered, naturally she should come to visit her. So Florence nodded in agreement. But she took a glance at her casual clothes and felt a bit perturbed, “Mr. Hawkins, is there any time left? Can I come back and change into a formal suit?”They were going to visit the matriarch of the Hawkins family after all. Ernst shook his head and took a glance at Florence’s clothes. There was no trace of dissatisfaction on his face. “You look good now. ”“Isn’t it way too casual?”“Nope. We’ll be a family. You can try to be accustomed to it in advance. ”Family members would see the casual aspect of each other after getting along for a long time. This was normal reasonable. But when did she agree to be his family? Their engagement was fake and they wouldn’t marry in the future. Why Ernest thought that marrying her was something going without saying?Florence felt unease again when she thought that Ernest probably have a crush on her. She flushed and turned her head to look out of the window.