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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 249: We’re Not Even Acquaintances

Seeing Florence and upon hearing Reynold’s words, Annabelle immediately took Florence as her rival in love by instinct. She looked at Florence in hatred. “Are you Reynold’s new girlfriend?” Florence was taken aback, knowing that Annabelle had misunderstood their relationship. She hurriedly explained, “Not really. I’m just. his acquaintance. ” “Really?” Annabelle obviously didn’t believe at all, looking at Florence up and down sharply again and again. Under her gaze, Florence felt so uneasy and depressed. She was just shopping here and eavesdropped a gossip, but she was so misunderstood by Annabelle. She didn’t want this to happen at all. Florence didn’t want to get involved any longer. Nodding to emphasize, she wanted to make an excuse and leave. Much to her surprise, Reynold said, “Flory, just ignore her. We’re not even acquaintances. I don’t know her at all. ” His words clearly differed his relationship with Florence from that with Annabelle. Annabelle, who thought of herself as his girlfriend, couldn’t help blushing and paling from time to time, feeling extremely embarrassed. Just now, when Reynold wanted to get rid of her, he was still looking at her and talking to her. Since Florence had shown up, Reynold completely ignored her. His attention was fully focused on Florence only. The emotion twinkling in his blue eyes was full of enthusiastic affection. Annabelle was a sensitive woman, so she could see it immediately. Reynold had a crush on Florence. It was an affection that from a man to a woman and from the bottom of his heart. Annabelle had never seen such a gaze on Reynold before. Long ago, Annabelle had heard that Reynold was a well-known playboy and had a lot of girlfriends, but he never settled down. He was one of the top playboys in Riverside City. It was not difficult for a woman to climb into his bed, but nobody could stay in his bed all through these years. Annabelle had a crush on Reynold and also had her intention -- with her good-looking face and hot shape, she wanted to fight for a chance to become his girlfriend shamelessly. However, she hadn’t succeeded yet, but Florence appeared. What shocked her more was that she witnessed how differently Reynold treated Florence. And he liked Florence so much. It turned out that Reynold wasn’t a heartless man. He could fall in love with someone as well. Annabelle also knew that for a man like Reynold, as soon as he fell in love with someone, he would be quite serious. In that case, other women would lose their hopes, including herself of course. Without the hope, Annabelle looked like a spiritless flower without any energy. Florence watched the change of Annabelle’s emotion, from her reluctant affection to the disappointing abandonment. It was all because that Reynold said they were not even acquaintances

But, I promise. I’ll never have any relationship with those women again. ” “What?”Florence gaped at him, wondering what he meant by saying that

. He was a well-known playboy in town but now he swore that he wouldn’t get in touch with those women. How could she believe him?“I didn’t know what it feels like to fall in love with someone. In the future, I also want to try to be with my beloved one, spend my life together with her, and become aged together. ”Staring at Florence, Reynold spoke quite seriously, stressing each syllable. His eyes were deep and charming, full of affection, almost making Florence sink. She even almost believed what he said. With a smile, she said, “I’m sure a lot of girls want to be this woman. ”“How about you?” Reynold asked casually as if it was just a random question. However, his tightened body showed how nervous and expectant he was. Seeing that Reynold was kidding, Florence answered casually, “Unfortunately, I’m Ernest’s fiancée. Otherwise, I would like to make an appointment with you and wait in the line. ”“Really?”Reynold tightened his hands that were gripping Florence’s shoulders, hope rising in his heart. As he could reach his current achievement and social status, Reynold was an extremely sensitive and smart person. After working with Florence these days, he had guessed that the relationship between Florence and Ernest wasn’t that good. Although they were couple-to-be, their relationship was as fragile as a piece of thin ice. Also, Florence always seemed to escape. Hence, if he just helped her and added some fuel into the fire, it would be quite easy for Florence and Ernest to break up. Looking at Reynold’s expectant face, Florence shrugged and pushed him away. “Mr. Myron, just now, a pretty lady confessed her love to you. It’s enough to prove how charming you are. You didn’t receive any blown. Please don’t seek your self-confidence from me. ”Florence completely took his words as a joke. Without getting an affirmative answer as he expected, Reynold felt a bit disappointed. However, he knew that he couldn’t push Florence too hard. He returned to his leisure and elegant look. Glancing at the bag in Florence’s hands, he asked, “You came shopping. What do you want to buy here?”Florence was quite serious with her work. She was on a business trip in Riverside City now, in which she could learn a lot of things. Basically, she wouldn’t waste any time. When she had spare time, she would either work or study. Hence, she hardly would go shopping. Reynold felt quite surprised to encounter her in the shopping mall today