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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 83: What About Cancelling the Engagement as Soon as Possible?

Florence glanced at her colleague in shock and disbelief. How did they know about her relationship with Ernest? “When you haven’t come to the company, there has never been a woman by Mr. Hawkins’ side. Nevertheless, you suddenly became a member of the company. Moreover, you have lunch with Mr. Hawkins and took the same car to work and from work with him every day. ” The woman then added confidently, “You’re a couple of lovers, right?” Florence felt her mind exploding at the moment as if a big event had happened. She thought her interactions with Ernest were so covert, but she hadn’t expected that all staff of the company had known about it. She was flustered with a messy mind, “In fact, my relationship with Mr. Hawkins is not like what you guys think. We’re just… just…” Florence stammered and was lost for words to form a reasonable excuse. The company had kept her personal information and obviously, she from that family background was by no means Ernest’s relative. “I understand. ” Her colleague laughed understandingly and continued, “I know that you’re in a relationship with Mr. Hawkins and both of you wanted to keep it a secret. So we didn’t spread any words about it. ” Florence was choked and felt very helpless, “That’s really not the case. ” “Oh yeah, I see. Florence, I handed a proposal to Mr. Hawkins which needs his approval. If you’re convenient, please put in some good words about me in front of the CEO. ” Her colleague specially lowered her voice and whispered in Florence’s ear. Apparently, the reason why she asked Florence to do so was that she firmly believed that Florence was Ernest’s girlfriend. Florence was flustered and was in a messy mind. Since she and Ernest would cancel their engagement soon, the misunderstandings from the staffs of the company were very disadvantageous to their relationship. They couldn’t delay the cancellation anymore. She made a decision after pondering for a while and then headed towards the president’s office hurriedly. When Timothy was about to enter the president’s office with a pile of documents at hands, he saw Florence striding towards the office and retrieved his hand that was about to knock the door. He turned around and gazed at Florence with a smile, asking, “Miss Fraser, are you coming for Mr. Hawkins?” “Yeah. Is he free now?” Florence kept walking when answering the question and walked to the door of the office soon

She politely put the milk, coffee and desserts on the table, “Mr. Hawkins, Miss Fraser, please enjoy it. ” The secretary smiled at Florence politely and then walked out with the tray

. Florence would not think too much it when she saw such a smile in usual times, but she felt it quite ambiguous now. The secretary must have misunderstood her relationship with Ernest again. Florence felt a bit depressed. She pondered for a while and then gazed at Ernest, asking, “Mr. Hawkins, do you know that there are so many… rumors about us in the company?” Florence felt embarrassed when talking about this. Ernest looked at Florence meaningfully, “So what?”His tone was quite flat and his attitude was so casual as if it was just an insignificant matter or a matter of course. Florence was dumbfounded. Shouldn’t Ernest felt bothered now and immediately rectify the company order and curb the rumors. Feeling a bit spiritless, she had to take the initiative to bring forward the topic, “Mr. Hawkins, we’ll cancel our engagement soon, so it will damage your reputation if there are rumors about our relationship in the company. Do you have any ideas about how to deal with this matter?”Florence gazed at Ernest with anticipation. But Ernest just moved his lips to spit out an answer, “Nope. ”Florence was choked. Wasn’t Ernest way too cursory?She only calmed down herself after a long while and then tried to be patient, “Then we should cancel the engagement as soon as possible. If we don’t have connections in the future, our colleagues won’t spread rumors about this. ”Rumors always die in tranquil times. Florence’s idea was indeed feasible, but Ernest felt unhappy when hearing it. She rarely came to his office, and was she here to anger him now?Ernest fixed his eyes on Florence gloomily and there was anger in his eyes. It seemed that he would pounce over and give her a severe punishment once he failed to suppress his anger. Florence felt flustered under his gaze. She couldn’t see through this man’s mind now and had no idea about what he wanted to do. It was as if he despised her every proposal. Florence felt quite depressed inwardly. Hesitating for a while, she finally urged him, “Mr. Hawkins, what do you think of it?”Ernest curled his lips into a straight line and didn’t reply. His whole person seemed to be shrouded in a layer of invisible gloominess. The ambience in the office became colder and colder.