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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 502: What Do You Mean?

Florence confused, “What do you mean?” Ernest didn’t reply but moved his hand as a reminder. “We need to take care of this. ” Florence skipped a heartbeat and her focus was driven back onto his wound. Darn it, she was interested in what happened with Phoebe and almost forgot about Ernest’s injuries. He was in pain, the longer they dragged the worse it became. Florence was sad and let Ernest sit in the hall, “Wait here, I will go get the doctor. ” But Ernest pulled her down the moment she turned her body. Ernest said softly, “It’s alright, Timothy is on his way. ” And a middle-aged doctor was seen walking into the house from Collin’s yard. He had a first-aid kit with him and was approaching them quickly. “Miss, Mr. Jenkins, I’m here. ” The doctor looked at the surrounding curiously while speaking, this was Collin’s house, the top doctor in the medical world, they were usually very free with Collin around. It was strange that he had been called up to treat someone in Collin’s house, isn’t it? “Dr. Leon, please hurry up and look at Clarence’s hand. ” Florence urged. Doctors hired by the Fraser family were all well capable and professional doctors. Although he still wondered, he put that aside and treated Clarence professionally. Despite bringing only a first-aid kit with him, but he had almost everything ready as Timothy explained to him about Ernest’s injuries beforehand. So he started to treat the wounds. Ernest’s bones were cracked, he needed medicine and a fixed splint. Although Dr. Leon was familiar with the procedures, the injury still required quite some time to be treated. If Collin came out now, he would take over and then discover something. Florence was still worried and anxious, she looked into the machinery room from time to time afraid to see Collin came out of a sudden

“You were not gentle,” she said softly. Collin was furious, “What… I was not…” His lines were cut off by a cold and fierce stared from Collin. He had to swallow his anger

. Stanford believed in such a lie from Phoebe? She was picking bone inside an egg! It was so unjust, he couldn’t stand it. He said angrily, “Apply this and then this, and it’s done. ” He turned around once he finished. If he couldn’t stand her, he could stay away, woman was such an unbelievable creature. Stanford should never fell for Phoebe, otherwise, he could not imagine what kind of miserable life would be waiting for him in the future. Phoebe got worried seeing Collin leaving. She hadn’t received a signal from Florence which mean Ernest was still having his treatment. Collin must not go out now, he must not help. She needed to keep Collin here. Phoebe moaned “Ouch” suddenly. Stanford asked nervously, “What happened?” Collin’s steps frozen, a cold breeze travelled down his spine. What was with this woman now? He couldn’t care less, he wanted to leave. When he was about to flee, Phoebe said pitifully. “I was so afraid just now, a feel bitter, can I have some candy?” Stanford ordered at once, “Collin, bring some candies. ” Collin “…” He was not a servant! And Phoebe was no one, why should he serve her candy? “There is no sweet in my house. ” Collin rejected harshly, with his back facing them. Stanford continued his delicate works and replied, “Go get it from the maid. ” “I don’t have a maid. ” He was a lone ranger, he didn’t like a maid, there was no one but him in the house. Knowing this, Stanford went, “Go get some outside then. ” Collin “…”