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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 67: What Do You Think I Should Do

Seeing that Florence felt embarrassed, Georgia gave a benevolent smile and continued, “Ernest, please take Flory into your room to have some rest. ” Sleeping in Ernest’s room? Sharing a room? Sleeping in the same bed? Florence had slept with Ernest for some reason before. But she was still stunned for being arranged by the elders to sleep with Ernest at his home. She was torn and wanted to say something. As she was just about to speak out, Ernest voiced, “Alright. Get some rest too, grandma. ” Florence was lost for words. Ernest looked at Florence sideways and suddenly came close to her near and spoke in a flirty tone, “Anyway, it’s not the first time. Get used to it. ” Florence was speechless. How could she get used to this kind of thing? Her face was blushing red. The interior designs of Ernest’s bedroom and his villa at Senna were basically the same. They were like two similar rooms with his styles but just in different places. Florence felt familiar with it inexplicably. Thinking of this, she felt embarrassed, standing in the middle of the room and tangled up in not knowing what to do. Ernest glanced at Florence, who was looking sheepish and smirked. She was seemed to belong to here, in his room. Ernest beckoned to Florence, “Come here. ” What was the point of going over? Florence was mystified, but she still walked over. “Mr. Hawkins…” As she just opened her mouth, she was dismayed for being pulled into Ernest’s arm. She could smell his strong hormonal scent. Florence had tensed up abruptly, “What are you doing?” “Just the two of us in the room. What do you think I would do?” Ernest’s voice was hoarse, and his eyes were deep. His elegant face was heading closer to Florence. Florence was panicked, and her face was flushing red. She didn’t think Ernest, who was always being a gentleman, would do such a thing to her. She struggled and pushed him away. “Don’t you do this…” Although Florence was struggling, Ernest shoved her, and they fall into the bed. Florence was enfolded into the big soft bed with Ernest’s sturdy and muscular body on top of her. She was taking rapid and deep breaths, “Mr. Hawkins. ” “Call my name. ” Ernest interrupted her, and the hoarse voice of him was so enchanting. Florence was still tense even though Ernest had no further action yet, being afraid of him violating her again. “Ernest Hawkins?” She said, with a hint of panic in her voice. There was something different about her saying out his name this time

You will just feel ardent after drinking it and might want to do something tonight. ” Ernest said slowly. Florence was blushing red again as she put down the spoon immediately

. This supper was not something she could just eat. Florence was staying at Ernest’s house out of the blue. But she had her pyjamas to wear as she just brought her luggage back from the hotel. She chose one of her most conservative pyjamas to put on and laid down on the bed, covering herself tight. Water splashing sound was coming out from the bathroom. Florence was perturbed about the noises. So she took out her phone and played with it. When she opened her phone, there were numerous missed calls and unread WeChat messages. The calls were mostly from Cooper Scott and her family, while the messages were from Phoebe Jenkins and her friends. They were all concerned about why she had suddenly abandoned the match. Florence replied to all the messages one by one. And lastly, she called Cooper. The phone was answered, and Cooper’s sweet wobbly voice was heard immediately. “Florence, did something happen to you? Where are you now? Are you alright?”“I’m fine, don’t worry. ” Florence replied patiently. She was clear about Cooper’s kindness and concern for her after quite some time together. She had treated Cooper as a sincere friend. “I left the match for some personal reasons. ”“Could you tell me the reason why? I want to help you. ” Cooper’s voice was low, revealing the concern and worry for Florence. Florence pursed her lips, “It’s nothing. I have handled it already. ”She wasn’t lying too. Isabel Hopkins had let the Hawkins family know about this matter. Georgia Hawkins didn’t blame her, and this matter might be considered as settle down too. Cooper seemed to be upset, “Alright then. ” After a gap, he asked again, “Where are you? I’m coming to you. ”Where was she?Florence looked around the room helplessly and saw Ernest coming out from the bathroom unexpectedly. He only had a white bath towel around his waist, exposing his gorgeous body. There were still water droplets dripping down his body, and it was so seductive. Florence immediately felt shy looking at it.