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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 569: What Happened to Him

“It’s me. Wake up,” Florence whispered to call. She wanted to wake him up but seemingly, she was afraid to bother him with her voice. She felt conflicted but extremely delighted. “Ernest. ” she whispered to call him again and again. However, the man on the bed seemed to have been in a deep sleep. He didn’t respond at all. His eyes still closed, his eyelashes covering his eyes tightly. He was lying there peacefully and breathing slightly. His breath was so light that she could barely see his chest heave up and down. Florence was taken aback in confusion. Ernest had always been quite alerted. Even if he was in a sound sleep, as soon as there was any movement next to him, he would wake up immediately. Besides, she had been calling him so many times. He should have opened his eyes long ago. Florence stood there motionlessly for a long while. Blood drained from her face bit by bit. It wasn’t until now did she calm down from the extreme joy. She realized that something was wrong. “Ernest, what’s wrong with you?” she asked in a soft tone. Slowly, she reached her hands towards his face. Her fingers reached his cheek first. What she could feel was the icily cold. It felt like touching a piece of ice. Florence’s eye pupils fiercely shrunk. She wondered why his body was so cold. The temperature was so low as if he were not an alive human being. “Ernest, wake up. What’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me!” Florence said trembly. The cold sweat dripped from her forehead. It was so difficult for her to finally find him. She couldn’t let anything bad happen to him. She dared not to test his breathe. She grabbed his shoulders, trying to shake him to wake up. When she was about to move, Clarence snapped to stop her, “If you moved him, he would truly die. ” Florence stopped in fear. Her tightened heart was trembling. However, in extreme nervousness, she seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. She could tell from Clarence’s words that Ernest was still alive. However. “Why can’t he wake up? What happened to him?” Florence looked back, gazing at Clarence in anxiety. Clarence walked to the bed and looked at Ernest with a complicated look. He whispered, “Since I rescued him and took him here, he has been always in a coma. He hasn’t woken up at all

He couldn’t escape from this city in secret at all. Florence looked quite pale, feeling depressed and upset. Her lips parted

. She stammered, “But. But. ” Clarence seemed to have read her mind. He explained directly, “I’ve been searching for ways and chances to escape from here besides taking care of him. That’s why I happened to meet you. ” It was such a coincidence. If not, Florence would be beaten to death or disabled on the street. Florence’s eyes twinkled. She looked at Clarence gratefully. Unexpectedly, she made Clarence escape from the yacht, and now he had rescued Ernest and her. “Thank you so much, Clarence,” said Florence, sobbing. She could also tell how difficult Clarence was in the past few days. The city was full of people trying to catch him, but he still took the risk to search for ways out. Besides, he also found the doctor and the medicine to cure Ernest. Raising his eyebrows Clarence smiled. He said jokingly, “If you do appreciate my help, why don’t you marry me?”He was making the same fun of her again. Florence rolled her eyes at him. In this case, her tears stopped dropping. She said, “Except for this one, I’ll try my best to fulfill other requirements. ”Let alone that he had saved her, she would always be grateful for him all her life just because he had to save Ernest. “I don’t need other things. ”Clarence shrugged, looking at Florence with a faint smile. His tone was kind of serious as well as kidding. “You don’t owe me anything, Florence. You save me on the yacht. That’s why I had the chance to save you guys. After all, you’ve saved yourself. ”In this case, Florence believed that Clarence was kidnapped because of her. Hence, it was such a complicated matter that they could never get even with each other. However, they had formed a friendship that experienced life and death. She would remember his kindness all her life. “Clarence, let’s not talk about it first. Do you have any method to cure Ernest and wake him up?”That was the thing that Florence cared about the most right now. She wanted Ernest to be fine and wake up. Clarence looked confused. He was a bit surprised. Florence had known how dangerous and hard they were now. However, her first request was still based on Ernest’s health and safety. He wondered if she thought about herself before considering Ernest. Clarence stared at her in a complicated way.