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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 262: What He Cared Was the Wedding Dress

Florence was also astonished as she hadn’t expected that Ernest would actually tore apart the dress designed by Mr. Forager. Nevertheless, she was not angered at all, because out of consciousness, she thought Ernest would not do something that was good to none but worse to himself. Moreover, he said he would solve the problem before. Although tearing apart the dress didn’t seem to be a solution… Florence was tensed up. She looked towards the dress and with a single glance, she was dumbfounded. The neckline of the dress was removed and it turned into a strapless dress. Generally speaking, when the style of a dress was changed, it would have another kind of charm. However, although the neckline of this dress was removed, it still had the same charm and became more charming. The more magical thing was that the mannequin, which was overshadowed by the dress before, immediately became attractive and charming. Even if it was only a mannequin, people would involuntarily notice it when they saw the dress. The dress had added maximum charm to the mannequin. It was as if the dress was tailored for it. It was only a mannequin, but the dress had achieved such a wonderful effect. If it was a person who wore the dress, it would be more amazing. “You… you actually solved the problem. ” Florence covered her mouth with one hand, feeling inexplicably surprised. She thought Ernest was bragging before. Although subconsciously, she also anticipated that he could solve it, when he actually achieved it, she felt it unbelievable. It should be made clear that Mr. Forager displayed the dress with a purpose to ask the mass for a solution. This meant that he couldn’t solve the problem, or probably even many senior designers at home and abroad had tried to solve it yet they all failed. This was the reason why the dress was displayed. But the designer who came here were all helpless in the face of this problem. Moreover, many of them even hadn’t found out the problem. These were enough to prove how difficult the problem was. They even thought that the problem of this dress would be an unsolved problem for the whole design community after today’s fashion show. Florence hadn’t expected that Ernest would solve this problem with a simple and direct approach wile many professionals felt helpless in the face of it. But he began to learn about apparel designing several days ago! Ernest had only learned designing for several days. Moreover, he didn’t have a professional teacher and had only read several books. But he now had such a wonderful achievement in designing

But for the sake of Florence, he studied it and it seemed that he was good in medicine now. But he never thought of being a doctor. Tina had learned about how cold and aloof Ernest was before, hence, she didn’t feel upset when she got no response from Florence

. Instead, she thought him even more handsome and outstanding and she couldn’t shift her attention away from him. Tina chuckled and continued, “Mr. Hawkins, you can consider about it. If you have interest in it, you can contact me. I know that you definitely have a wonderful design team, but I also have my unique capability in the design community. Moreover, Mr. Hawkins, even if you don’t want to design other apparels, you can design some wedding dress. When you get married, the bribe could wear the wedding dress you design and she will be very touched, I promise. This was the most romantic thing in the world. ”If she could be given the chance, she was willing to be his bribe. She could also finish the wedding dress together with Ernest. Tina looked at Ernest with anticipation, her heart throbbing wildly due to nervousness. If Ernest agreed to design the apparel, undoubtedly they would have many contacts and it would be a natural thing for them to be together. Ernest was not interested in Tina’s harangue, but he raised his brows when he heard the two words – wedding dress. To design a wedding dress for Florence?He took a glance at Tina, “You’re good at designing wedding dress?”Tina’s eyes lit up. She hurriedly nodded her head. “I’m specially expert in this field. The best wedding dress in the world was designed by me. ”Tina’s status in the design community was the largest reason why she could take charge of such a big fashion show. She was one of the most famous top-class wedding dress designer in the world. The wedding dress that Ernest wanted must be the best one. A trace of complicated emotions flashed across Ernest’s eyes. He pressed his lips together and said, “I will contact you later. ”Tina was so surprised that she almost jumped up from the ground. She tried to persuade Ernest just now, but she hadn’t expected that Ernest would really agreed to her proposal. Even she herself didn’t dare to believe in this