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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 440: What He Hadn’t Expect to Find

The more Benjamin talked the uglier Stanford’s face became. He had originally felt very uneasy towards Clarence who had suddenly appeared and became so close to Florence. It was just that he hadn’t been able to identify the source of his unease. After Benjamin said this, the doubts in Stanford’s heart dispersed and everything became clear and transparent in an instant. Clarence deceived his sister into going to his room in the middle of the night, he must be trying to do something bad to his simple sister. “Damn it! I am going to kill that bastard!” Stanford slammed his door angrily and ran towards Florence’s room in a rage. Benjamin looked at Stanford’s back with a sneer of success playing at the corner of his mouth. Florence, Clarence, now let’s see how you save your face in front of everyone in the family. Even if Florence and Clarence were having sex right now, Stanford and the rest of the Fraser family who really doted on her and guarded her were all going to be two hundred percent sure that Clarence must have played a dirty trick to entice her. In this way, it was going to be impossible for Clarence to be with Florence again. And for Florence to go through such an experience, her reputation was going to be damaged and she was going to be considered a fallen woman. If he didn’t turn his back on her and offered to marry her, then her family would think that he was the only one who was genuine and sincere towards her. And just like that, their marriage would be eighty percent confirmed. Planning it all in his heart, Benjamin smiled and followed Stanford. Stanford and Florence lived in two separate wings of the house with night guards in between to ensure the safety. They were all guarding sleepily when they suddenly felt a wave of anger suffocating them. They were shocked, all sleep forgotten. They stood up straight and saw Master Stanford walking towards them sullenly and aggressively. The chilly aura that emanated from his body was only seen on weekdays when he killed people! This… Who was he going to kill in the middle of the night? Stanford angrily rushed into Florence’s living room and walked straight towards the room where Clarence was. He was about to push open the door open immediately as he reached the door, but he hesitated after reaching out. Afterwards, he said to Benjamin behind him in a very hard tone, “You wait here, don’t look around!” The scene inside was likely not to be particularly explicit, but even then, his sister’s body was not something other men could see. Benjamin said faintly, “Of course, I will be right outside the door. ” Seeing Benjamin turning to look away, Stanford kicked open the door with his face extremely dark. With a loud banging noise, the lock on the door broke and the door swung open to slam into the wall, shaking severely

She blushed as she explained, “I was coming here to play so I put it on. ”Ernest’s gaze was still very deep and profound like a vortex. Florence felt her heart tremble

. She obviously wore a bra, why did he seem upset by it?She had to ask him later in private…Although, Florence said that she was wearing a bra right now, it was clear that she only wore it under her pajamas because she had a previous appointment. If Benjamin came to her room suddenly, she really wouldn’t have time to wear it. Didn’t this show Benjamin’s cheap personality?Stanford’s face suddenly became unsightly. Besides, in the middle of the night, Benjamin came to meet Florence uninvited? What did it mean?Did he do that on purpose? Completely disregarded the rules and etiquettes of the Fraser family that made sure men and woman don’t mix together in any way?“Benjamin, if you don’t explain yourself clearly, I will finish you. ”Stanford shot suddenly, grabbing Benjamin by his collar and staring at him dangerously. No matter when and no matter who, he was never going to allow anyone to have the slightest bit of bad thoughts about his sister. Benjamin was caught by his collar and forced to lean forward as if he was a scoundrel. He had never been threatened or humiliated like this. With waves of sullen anger rolling around in his chest, Benjamin immediately stabilized his expressions. He explained, “I am sorry. I was suddenly looking for Flory because of an urgent matter. I didn’t consider the time. It was my mistake. ”Florence looked at Benjamin coldly and said a bit sarcastically, “I have never had any personal contact with Mr. Turner, let alone have any kind of relationship. What urgent matter can come between us?”Tonight, she was alone with Ernest. If Timothy, who was hidden in the dark, hadn’t discovered Benjamin, her relationship with Ernest would have finished on the spot. She didn’t dare to think what would have happened at that time…Since Benjamin dared to harm her, she was not going to let him off easy.