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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 619: What His Words Meant

He looked at Florence in surprise and said in a deep tone, “What are you doing here? It’s quite dangerous. Go back to Stanford. ” Florence raised her head and looked at Ernest, shaking her head determinedly. She reached out and grabbed his big hand. She said bluntly without hiding her love, stressing each syllable, “I want to accompany you. If it’s dangerous, I’ll go through it with you together!” Ernest looked at her in a daze, feeling as if his heart had an electrical shot. His heart trembled slightly. Florence looked quite determined. She turned around and looked over at those people from the Turner family. “If you’re going to die or get hurt, I’ll be with you!” Those words were for the Turners. Upon hearing it, the Turners felt as if they had swallowed flies, their expressions kept changing dramatically. Their family meeting had decided to punish Ernest, so they could do whatever they wanted. However, all of them know that Florence was the baby from the Fraser family, just like life for them. Who had the guts to hurt her? They were afraid that the Frasers might kill them immediately. Theodore looked at Florence and Ernest with a complicated look, frowning deeply. He blamed Ernest in a cold tone, “Ernest Hawkins, what’s going on? You are a man, and you want Florence to be your backer now. Do you think under her protection you wouldn’t pay any price for what evil things you’ve done?” If it wouldn’t come to the most critical moment, Theodore wouldn’t offend Florence or do anything to her. He kept blaming Ernest for everything. Other people from the Turner family also stared at Ernest in hatred as if they would skin him alive. At this moment, the Turners had completely treated Ernest as an outsider, even their enemy. In this family that was related to him in blood, Ernest couldn’t find any sense of belonging. Instead, they all wanted to kill him. Ernest held Florence’s hand, curling up his lips into an ironic sneer. He cast a disdainful glance at all people there and asked in an elegant tone, “I’m quite curious. What kind of evil things have I done? What rights do you have to abolish my right of succession?” There was a compulsory requirement for the succession right of the Turner family. To avoid any bloody wars happening among the family members, there was a strict rule that no matter in which circumstance, the direct line of descent of the eldest son should be the heir of the family. Unless the son was dead. Otherwise, the successor couldn’t be changed

How can you mistake that I’ve damaged the relationship between the Turner and the Fraser families? What kind of interest loss have I caused?” The gray-haired man choked up. When they abolish Ernest’s right of succession, they received positive confirmation from Stanford, which meant that the Fraser family was angry with Ernest. However, nobody had expected such a weird situation right now

. It still couldn’t change the decision made by the elder’s meeting, though. The gray-haired man pointed at the hands of Ernest and Florence that were clenched together. He snapped fiercely, “Ernest Hawkins, we didn’t want to mention it, but how shameless you are! Florence is Benjamin’s wife now. In the family, she should be your nephew’s wife. Even Florence and you love each other, you should think about ethics and morality. You can’t be with Florence!”“My nephew’s wife?”Ernest sneered ironically. Although he was smile, his eyes changed to sharp and horrible in an instant. He asked in a cold and harsh tone, “I know some of you said that Florence is Benjamin Turner’s wife. Do you have their marriage certificates?”The gray-haired man frowned deeply, his expression changing again and again. He held his head high and said stubbornly, “They have held the wedding. Of course, they have a marriage certificate. Benjamin hasn’t come back yet, so he didn’t bring them back to us. “However, it’s the true fact already. Although Benjamin hasn’t returned, it couldn’t change that Florence is your nephew’s wife. “As her uncle, you want to be with Florence? We Turner family would never allow this kind of thing to happen!”Each of his remarks made was more serious than the other. Ernest smiled. He was quite curious - after the wedding was ruined, how did Benjamin made those elders believe that he had registered for marriage with Florence?However, no matter what means he had used, it wouldn’t be as important as the fact. Ernest gripped Florence’s hand tightly. He said in an indifferent tone, which sounded arrogant and evil, “It seems that Benjamin hasn’t told you. On his wedding day, when he forced Florence to put on the ring, I happened to arrive there on time. ”All the Turners turned pale. They knew what his words clearly meant without a second thought.