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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 142: What I Want Is Just Your Whole-hearted Love During All Your Life

Being struck by numerous questions, Ernest directly ignored all those journalists and fixed his unfathomable eyes on Florence. There was pampering in his eyes. He asked her slowly, “What do you think?” He actually let Florence decide whether to admit their relationship. Ernest’s words and his attitude had proved that he had admitted their relationship. But as for whether to expose their relationship to the public, he asked Florence to decide on it. He actually asked Florence to decide on such an important matter. Those who were not an idiot could all figure out that Ernest pampered Florence so much. They were all shocked and shifted their gazes back to Florence again. The venue was shrouded in silence as all of them were waiting for Florence to admit her relationship with Ernest. Florence was the noblest prince charming in City N after all and numerous women wished so much to build connections with him. Florence must be on nine clouds now. And she would definitely admit it. Florence looked into Ernest’s eyes and felt that her mind was in turmoil. She felt burning like an ant on a hot pan. She didn’t understand why Ernest would treat her so well without any reserve. She was really moved and her heart was thumping wildly. But her reasons constantly reminded her of their actual relationship. It was a huge gap that could not be gotten over. Florence even didn’t have the qualification to cross the gap. She evaded Ernest’s lines of sights. Neither did she dare to look at the media practitioners. Florence simply turned around and ran towards the backstage. She couldn’t admit or deny her relationship with Ernest now. So the wisest choice was to run away from the scene. Seeing that the protagonist was running away, an uproar rose among the media practitioners. “Miss Florence, please don’t leave. Please tell us that whether if you’re Mr. Hawkins’ girlfriend?” “Miss Florence…” The media practitioners asked eagerly. Many of them even chased after Florence, but they were all stopped by the security guards. Ernest curled his lips into a straight line when seeing the leaving back of that woman. A touch of helplessness flashed across his eyes. He had taken 99 steps towards her, but she still refused to take one step towards him. Since that was the case… The he would take the last step. A touch of resoluteness flashed across Ernest’s eyes. He then also walked towards the backstage

She hastily stepped backward to distance herself from him, “Mr. Hawkins, I won’t marry you. ”Florence uttered the sentence without hesitation

. But she didn’t dare to look at Ernest, which showed that she was flustered at the moment. She was not as resolute as she was when refusing Ernest at the first time. Ernest narrowed his eyes and asked, “Why say so?”He walked towards her step by step said and uttered word by word with a serious look. He was quite imposing at the moment. “You can get everything you want after marrying me, including your career and wealth. I can protect, pamper and cherish you if you marry me and let you be the happiest woman in the world. You don’t have a crush on any other man and you have some feelings for me. Moreover, we’ve engaged, so getting married is the best choice for both of us. You don’t have any reasons to refuse me, even if you have to try to love me. ” He said word by word. But he was so reasonable that Florence felt nervous. Everyone was clear that Ernst was so outstanding. No one could deny this and he was powerful enough to be arrogant. Even Florence could not deny that it was hard for every woman to refuse him. It was also hard for Florence to refuse him. But…But even if everything was reasonable and logical, Florence knew deep down that he loved the other woman. Now that he had a crush on the other woman, then their marriage was doomed to be a marriage of convenience. How could it be possible that he loved her?“Mr. Hawkins. ”Florence stood there while straightening her back. She didn’t flinch and simply stared at Ernest. “You’re rally outstanding and you’re a good man. You will be a nice husband. But I’m not that ambitious and I don’t ask for too much. What I want is just your wholehearted love during all your life. ”Ernest slightly frowned, “You think I can’t do that?”“You can’t. ” Florence answered word by word. Although she was looking at him sanely, her hands that were put beside her body were clenched into fists tightly as she was trying to suppress the inexplicable uncomfortable emotion in her heart. He showed her his feelings towards her, but she didn’t believe in her.