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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 105: What If, I Marry You

The two were quiet for a while before Cooper asked in a low voice, “Lately, have you been doing well?” “Yes, not bad. How about you?” “Fine. ” Cooper replied gently. It was as if all his troubles during this time had become unimportant at this moment. He hesitated for a while, then he plucked up courage and said, “If you have any problems in the future, you can come to me, and I will help you. Or, if you’re bored, you can have a chat with me. After all…we’re friends. ” Florence stopped walking and looked up at Cooper in dismay. “I’ve called you a lot during this time, and you haven’t answered any of them. ” From what she knew about Cooper, he didn’t seem to be the kind of person who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. But why didn’t he answer the phone? Cooper was stunned. His eyes were filled with joy. He excitedly grabbed Florence’s shoulder, “You’ve been calling me?” It turned out that she hadn’t stopped contacting him or didn’t care for him in the slightest. Florence nodded, “I thought something had happened to you. ” When she saw him with Evelyn, she thought Cooper stopped contacting her because of his girlfriend. She was even a little upset because of that. “Florence, I’m really happy that you called me. ” The feeling was as if going from hell back to heaven again. Cooper was too overjoyed to hold himself back. He embraced Florence in a hug. Florence did not understand why did he feel so touched suddenly? At this moment, a man’s cold and dangerous scolding sounded in the corridor. “What are you two doing?” Florence froze. She subconsciously pushed Cooper away and twisted her head to look at the man not far away. She saw Ernest looking straight at them. His extremely good-looking eyes seemed to be filled with ice, and a suffocating coldness permeated his body. “Mr. Hawkins, don’t misunderstand. Cooper and I were just…” Holding him up but ended up hugging? Florence didn’t even know how to explain it. Seeing her unable to explain, Ernest’s anger increased. He waited for her in the exhibition hall, but she didn’t come back for a long time. He looked for her in worry but saw her and Cooper hugging instead. His face looked furious. He walked over in big steps and pulled Florence to himself. “Let’s go. ” Florence worried about Cooper’s leg injury and feared that he might not be able to stand up alone. Florence hurriedly pulled Ernest to a halt. “We can’t go yet. His leg is injured

Hawkins, I suddenly remembered that my father asked me to go home right away. There’s something urgent. Can I go first?” Ernest’s footsteps immediately stopped

. Florence was slightly relieved. Fortunately, she could slip away. “I’ll be off then. If there’s anything else…” Before she could finish her words, Ernest’s arm went around her waist and pulled her into his arms. Her body was involuntarily pressed against his. The man’s familiar scent struck her face, with a trace of frightening violence. He stared straight at her. Every word from him was furious. “Florence, do you have the self-awareness of being my fiancée or not?” Florence was shocked. About this matter, she did not need to have any self-awareness at all. She replied, “We’re fake…Hmm!”Her lips were sealed by him forcefully. His kiss came fierce and fast, with a punishing and possessive nature, like a bandit’s intrusion, sweeping everything inside. It was as if she was going to be swallowed alive. Florence felt a strong sense of danger and a slight pain in her lips. She swung her hands around and tried to push him away. But Ernest hugged her tighter instead. He kissed her even more furiously and dominantly, almost causing her out of breath and draining all of her strength. It was only when Florence collapsed irresistibly in his arms that Ernest finally let her go. Looking at the blushing woman in his arms, Ernest’s face turned a little less unhappy. He said in a low voice, “Don’t ever mess around with other men in the future. ”Florence was flustered and embarrassed. She took several deep breaths and finally calmed down her distressed mood and regained her strength. She stood up from Ernest’s arms and looked at him with a serious expression. “Mr, Hawkins, can you stop kissing me whenever you want in the future? I’m a conservative person, and we are going to break off our engagement anyway. I don’t want to do such a thing with you for no reason. ”For no reason?Ernest looked straight at her, “You are reluctant to make contact with me because we will certainly break off our engagement, and we don’t have a real relationship?”“Of course. ”Florence’s tone was firm. She was not the kind of woman who played around, having one-night stands and did not have any taboos. Even just a kiss would leave her mind troubled for a whole day. Ernest looked excited as he suddenly understood something. He stared at Florence with a slight unease and nervousness, which was rare for him. His voice couldn’t have been lower, “What if we do not break off our engagement, and I’ll marry you?”The way Florence looked at Ernest changed again and again. Her heart felt extremely complicated. She didn’t understand whether Ernest was saying this casually because he wanted to continue his flirtation with her or whether he was just asking in a teasing manner.