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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 699: What Is He Doing

Obviously, it was a street for the senior officials to stay. Even if they were in City N, it was supposed to be a CBD area. Unfortunately, Florence couldn’t go out sightseeing at all. It was getting darker and darker. Many passersby had gone past the door, but Florence didn’t see Ernest at all. The longer she waited, the more anxious she became, afraid that something would happen to him. “Hi, Ms. Fraser. What are you doing? Are you waiting for Mr. Hawkins?” Bonnie walked over to Florence. She was a pretty girl. After putting away her disdainful look to Florence, she looked quite obedient. Probably she was shocked that Florence could eat at the table and how much Ernest protected her, Bonnie didn’t believe that Florence was an ordinary woman that they could bully easily. Florence pressed her lips and nodded. Bonnie immediately said, “You’d better not wait here. He can’t come back right now. Probably he can’t even come back tonight. ” Florence was shocked, her heart tightened. She asked in a panic, “What happened?” “Please don’t worry. It’s nothing bad. Mr. Hawkins was invited to attend the banquet in the palace tonight. The banquet is only held for extremely superior men. ” Bonnie looked quite envious. She pulled out her cell phone and tabbed to open a window, on which the live broadcast video was playing. In the video, Florence could see the building was a dazzling palace with the European style. The red carpet was spread on the long stairs before the place entrance, along which bouquets were placed. A lot of journals were standing along each side. In the center of the carpet, men and women dressed up were walking. It was just like movie stars were walking on the red carpet to attend some event. They smiled and greeted the audience in front of the cameras and then walked forward. Bonnie explained, “I found Mr. Hawkins in the invitation list. He should come out pretty soon” Sure enough, shortly after Bonnie said that they heard women’s screams in the video. There were also sounds of inhaling. All the cameras focused on one direction. From there, Ernest just got off the car

They looked up, only to find that she was roaring in anger while resting her hands on her hips. Bonnie, who was enjoying watching the live broadcast, couldn’t help trembling. She dared not to continue watching it any longer

. Immediately, she stood up and said, “I. I’ll be right there!” After finishing her words, she reached out to grab her phone, “I must go back to my work now. ” In the video, the princess was walking forward with a complacent and proud smile, gradually shortening her distance from Ernest. Florence wondered if she would take Ernest’s arm as his date. Her heart was tightened. She felt quite upset. Subconsciously, she pinched the cell phone and asked, “Could you please lend this cell phone to me? I’ll return it to you after finishing watching it. ”Looking at Ernest’s handsome face on the screen, Bonnie was so obsessive. She wished to stay and continue watching. She could understand how Florence felt. “Why are you still there? Do you need me to beat you up?” the woman urged Bonnie impatiently. Bonnie was too scared to think it over. She pressed the cell phone into Florence’s hands. “Okay. I’ll go back to my work. ”After that, she rushed to the woman. As soon as she arrived, the woman raised her hand and hit Bonnie’s head violently. While walking away, she snapped, “You are so lawless. How dare you take a break while cooking? You’ve just got along with Florence the lazy bones. Now, do you want to become someone like her?”She didn’t lower her voice when scolding Bonnie. Meanwhile, she also insulted Florence again. While Florence heard what she said, she mouth corners couldn’t help twitching. Then she decided to ignore that woman. That was a stupid woman, and it was no worth getting even with her. After they had achieved their goals, Florence would let the woman see how equal men and women could be. Ignoring the woman and Bonnie, Florence stared at the phone screen in nervousness. Sure enough, she saw the princess walk to the position that she could be side-by-side with Ernest. She didn’t take a big movement, but she was intended to take Ernest’s arm. Florence’s heart skipped a beat. She wondered if this princess was Ernest’s date for the banquet tonight. Couldn’t he get rid of her at all?Although it could be business etiquette to have a date for this kind of occasion, after knowing that the princess had evil intentions towards Ernest, Florence felt quite depressed as if a piece of wet cotton was covering her nose, making her unable to breathe at all. She was quite irritated and didn’t want to continue watching.