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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 683: What Was It That You Were Wishing For

Ernest stood up in the end. His tall figure approached Florence out of a sudden. He looked down and sounded demanding. “If you won’t come up yourself, then I’ll have to carry you. ” Florence widened her eyes in surprise. Ernest’s arms were injured. How was he going to carry her? After all, carrying a person in his arms was the most tiring way and it required more strength to do so. However, when Florence looked into Ernest’s eyes, she knew she had to listen to him this once. Florence could never refuse his decision on Ernest made up his mind After all, Ernest was tall and strong. It was an easy task for him to pick her up and carry her in his arms. Florence gritted her teeth and asked in resign, “Just for a while. I’ll continue walking once I’m done resting. ” “Sure. ” Ernest answered softly. Then he squatted down before Florence again. Florence was wearing thick clothes. She climbed onto Ernest’s back clumsily. Ernest secured Florence with one arm, then stood up after making sure Florence stayed in a comfortable position safely on his back. The moment Ernest stood up, his face went pale. A sharp pain pierced through his back. The injury on Ernest’s back hadn’t fully recovered yet. A bone fracture wasn’t exactly an easy-to-be-healed injury. The fact that Ernest carrying Florence on his back added an excessive burden to his back. However, Ernest paused for only a second before he started walking and headed forward. What was the big deal with his injuries? Florence was tired. He had to carry her. Ernest continued heading forward. He carried Florence on his back while stepping on the snow. A trail of heavy footprints was left behind. Ernest’s back was thick. It felt like a warm and soft bed. It allowed Florence to lean comfortably on it. Ernest walked steadily. His footsteps weren’t wobbly at all. Florence felt like she could fall asleep on it. In just a few seconds, Florence felt sleepy. She couldn’t control herself anymore

The fact that Florence was able to talk so much proved that she was getting better. Ernest played along, “Why do you hope that it is a country like that? Because of The Avengers?” Ernest had never watched The Avengers before, but he knew it was Florence’s favourite movie. “Yes

. ” Florence nodded, then shook her head, “If it is a country like that, people who lived in it would be too hard to reason. They welcome outsiders, and they loved to help people. In that case, it would be easier for us to get the Magnolia Liliiflora. ” The Magnolia Liliiflora was the purpose of their trip. Ernest was surprised. His look became gentle. How can Ernest not love Florence? Ernest was still Florence’s priority, even in her imagination. Ernest continued to find topics and kept chatting with Florence. They had walked a far distance before they realized it. Florence had her rest, and she recovered a lot. So, she came down from Ernest’s back and started walking by herself. As thus, Ernest would carry Florence when she got tired, then she’ll get on her foot after she recovered from exhaustion. After getting enough rest, Florence got to continue their quest for a few more days. They had been walking in the snow for a few days. A new problem occurred in such a bad environment. They had run out of solid food even when they were frugal. Even Ernest didn’t expect such a situation could happen. They were trapped in a deep snowing valley and separated from the others. Furthermore, they hadn’t seen anyone around after walking in the snow for more than ten days. The cold and tiredness were bearable. But there was nothing to eat in such a snow world. If Ernest and Florence couldn’t find any food to supply energy for their body, they were going to either freeze or starve to death. However, they couldn’t find a single thing to eat in the snow. Looking at Ernest worried look, Florence fake a smile and consoled Ernest, “We might only need to starve for a meal or two. We’re probably nearby Raflad now. ”It was what Florence wished. However, Florence slowly felt like it was a dream impossible to achieve after the more-than-ten-days experience in the snow. Raflad was further than they thought. Ernest glanced at his watch and said slowly, “Yes, it’s near. ”Ernest looked at Florence and stroked her chilled face, “Hood on for a few more days, will you? We’re getting near to Raflad. ”Before this, Florence might blink her eyes in joy and ask, “Really?”But now, all Florence could do was nod and tried her best to smile. “Sure, I will go Raflad with you. ”They didn’t find Raflad after so many days of walking in the snow, and they were arriving in Raflad when they realized they ran out of food?Sometimes, Florence knew that it was just a lie to keep her alive. She won’t call Ernest out on a lie