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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 493: What’s So Strange?

She didn’t want to utilize the time to have sex with him! Ernest laughed softly, “A beauty in arms, what if I don’t want to leave?” He teased her again. She didn’t want him to leave either. So she stayed in her arms hugging him in silence. Ernest looked at the little head in his arms, his desire was burning but his heart was contented. Hugging her like this was delightful and torturing at the same time. Florence was tired and had gone through some terrifying moments today, she fell asleep almost immediately laying in Ernest’s arm. She heard Stanford’s voice in the middle of her sleep. “Why with the sofa?” Tammy replied respectfully, “It’s for Mr. Jenkins, he said he likes this design and asked us to replace this with the one in his room. ” New sofa? Florence heard and opened her eyes quickly. The new sofa arrived, so did Stanford! Stanford cared and concerned about her, there were times where he almost found out that Clarence was Ernest. And whenever he saw Ernest on her bed, he turned furious… “Ernest, wake up, quick, my brother is here. ” Florence sat up straight quickly and tried to pull up the man lying on the bed. It was late and was time to sleep, she didn’t want to wake him up but the situation didn’t permit them to sleep. Ernest opened his eyes, his eyes shine like stars and he smiled. “If I walk over now, your brother will suspect even more. ” They heard something and rushed back to the room but was discovered, it sounded more suspicious. Florence stunned and then frowned. “What should we do then? If my brother doesn’t see you in your room, he will look for you here. ” He would find out you were here. Ernest sat up straight, tidied his clothes and went to sit on the sofa slowly. “Don’t worry, it will be fine. ” Ernest was calmed. Florence didn’t believe that it would be fine, but she trusted him, and her heart calmed down too

” Florence stunned, she didn’t even know how it looked like and she liked it already? Ernest was using her as a shield. She remained smiley as an agreement in silence. Stanford squirted his eyes but his expression turned weird

. He looked at Florence in complexity and let out a long sigh. He then stood up and walked away. He gave out a disbelieving expression. Florence stunned, what happened? What was strange? What did she do? Stanford stopped at the door, he looked annoyed and said. “Flory, Clarence is a man, you should visit his room less. ” Florence, “…” She was confused, she had no idea what was going on. It was just a sofa, why did Stanford act so strange, as if she did something crazy? Florence turned and looked at the man sipping on his juice leisurely after Stanford went away. “Is there a problem with your sofa?” Ernest smiled, “You will know if you try it. ” Florence was sure there was something with the sofa. So she headed to his room. She bumped into Tammy who was coming out of the room and saw her smiling discreetly. “Miss, rest assured, it’s all fixed, each function… strong and sturdy. ” Florence raised her eyebrows, why was Tammy acting weird too?She then headed straight into the room. The old sofa was replaced with a new and large one, it had layers with modern design, it looked more like a small bed than a sofa. It was suitable for Ernest to sleep on, at least it was more comfortable than a small couch. But what was so strange about the sofa? Florence confused and went over to take a closer look; it looked like an ordinary sofa. It was an ordinary sofa but why did Stanford and Tammy look at her in such an odd way? Florence had no idea at all. “Try it on,” Ernest said softly. He was leaning against the door frame and staring at her. Try? Florence didn’t think much; she took off her shoes and went onto the sofa.