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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 600: What’s the Plan?

“I’ll help you. ” Although it was easier to take off the clothes, he was injured. Hence, it would be better for her to help him do it. Ernest immediately stopped his movements and let Florence help him. He looked at her with a meaningful gaze. Then, he smiled and said in a low and deep voice, “You also have to take off the pants too. ” Her hand holding the pajamas trembled suddenly. She subconsciously looked at his lower body. That part was like tightly wrapped with gauze as his upper body. Hence, she could see something clearly once she took off his pants. Florence flushed and she shook her head quickly. She refused, “No, I don’t want. ” “You’re shy?” Ernest lowered his head slightly and looked at her playfully. Florence was even more embarrassed by his gaze. This man was so bad. He had wounds all over his body but he still wanted to tease her. In the early morning, playing such a game would made her difficult to handle. “Hurry up and change your pants. I’m hungry. Let’s eat when you’re done. ” Florence changed the topic abruptly. If she continued to take off his shirt and then his pants, she felt that she was going to be embarrassed to death. Ernest saw her expression and was very happy to see that. When Florence showed the expression of a little girl in front of him, it was so pleasing to him. He didn’t continue teasing her anymore. He untied the belt of his pants by himself. Although they already seen each other naked before, but they hadn’t been intimating in the true sense. After such a long period of separation, Florence started to feel shy and embarrassed. She held the clothes in her hands and turned her back at him. She let Ernest to take off the pants by himself and she didn’t look at all. However, the sound of his movement behind her revealed an image with sound in her mind. She seemed to be able to imagine how he looked like when he took off… Florence quickly patted her face. She had too many dirty thoughts. What was she thinking about! She hurriedly changed the subject, “How was the progress last night? Any news about Phoebe?” Ernest took off his clothes slowly, his eyes was staring at her stiff back

With Stanford’s ability, he must have searched that area thoroughly long ago. With that, anyone could be found. But the result was that they didn’t find Phoebe

. However, his people had informed him precisely that it was 100% certain that Phoebe was within the area of Seaside City. There was only two possibility that Phoebe was not found yet. First, Stanford was careless and missed her. Second, Phoebe had met an accident. She lost her life so she didn’t exist anymore. Florence didn’t think that much. In her opinion, if Phoebe’s location was determined, she would definitely be found soon. She felt a little relieved about this matter. Then, she remembered another thing. She asked tentatively, “Ernest, your people are so good at finding people. They only took one night to determine the estimated area of Phoebe. Then, can you use the same method to sent them to find Clarence too? With that, we don’t need to wait for Benjamin to tell us. ”Benjamin was now not even afraid of death. He was simply a madman. Trying to ask him to talk was a very difficult thing to do. Ernest shook his head and said, “Of course my people will be able to find Clarence, but Clarence is specially hidden by Benjamin. Hence, it is not easy to find him and it will waste a lot of time. But using your brother’s method to force he speak will be the fastest way to find Clarence. ”Phoebe left on her own, so her whereabouts were a little easier to find. But Clarence was kidnapped and taken away by Benjamin. Benjamin’s anti-tracking ability was also in the first-class level. He definitely used all sorts of ways to cover up and confuse the whereabouts of Clarence. ”During the searching process, they would meet and fight. Hence, it would definitely take a lot of time. And also, they couldn’t startle the enemy and make Benjamin’s people angry. They might kill Clarence to ease their anger. Florence was puzzled, “You know what way my brother is using against Benjamin?”Benjamin only woke up yesterday and he had been with her since he woke up. Last night, he was also busing searching for Phoebe. How did he know about Stanford’s plan?Besides, Stanford wouldn’t possibly take the initiative to tell Ernest about his plan while his attitude towards Ernest was not that good.