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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 225: Where Did She Go

She wondered what he was doing. The man’s attack broke in full fury, which was so strong and fierce as if she would be swallowed and chewed shortly. Florence’s heart was tightened. Her body was stiffened, slightly trembling. She was so scared that she felt as if she was in an abusive nightmare. By instinct, she suddenly closed her teeth with strength. “Hiss. ” Ernest felt the pain and stopped his movements. A red blood bread oozed on his thin lips. He slightly frowned, gazing at Florence with surging furies in his eyes. She couldn’t tell if it was because of his anger or desire. He still looked quite dangerous. As if Florence had become extremely scared, she finally fought against him. She glared at him without any fear. She questioned, “Ernest Hawkins, what do you take me for?” What did he take her for? Ernest was taken aback slightly. Looking at the blood on the woman’s lips and the resistance on her face, he felt like that someone had just thrown a punch on him. He returned to his senses immediately. What had he just done? Was he bullying her? He came back to his senses and immediately released her. “Florence, I. ” “Ernest Hawkins, I don’t want to see you again!” Florence yelled in anger and shyness. She stood up from the sofa and trotted out of the suite without looking back. She trotted so fast as if he was a monster. Ernest was stiffened while sitting on the sofa. Looking at Florence’s receding figure, he felt so upset as if there was a heavy stone pressing on his heart. He had always been calm and restrained, but he had lost his control to Florence just now. Florence trotted out from the room. Until she got downstairs of the hotel, she slightly relaxed her tightened body. Just now, she was almost raped by Ernest. He was so aggressive and fierce as a bandit, almost eating her up. He behaved so rudely and possessively, which only brought her fear. She wondered what he had taken her for. How could he do anything he wanted to do to her when he got angry? “Florence, what are you doing here?” She heard a man’s pleasant voice from the lobby of the hotel. Reynold strode over to Florence. When he got close, he saw that Florence’s lips were swollen and her clothes were in a mess. She looked as if she was bullied by someone just now. Reynold immediately frowned. He quickly took off his jacket and put it on Florence’s shoulders. He asked in a voice full of concerns and suppressed anger, “What happened to you?” Feeling the sudden warmth, Florence was taken aback for a moment. She turned around and saw Reynold. Looking at the jacket on her shoulders, she suddenly realized that she hadn’t straightened up her clothes when trotting out of the room. She must look quite embarrassing now

It was so long that he almost had petrified into a statue. The silence in the suite made him suffocated. Florence’s escaping back kept flashing through his mind

. She left so decisively and hurriedly as if he was a monster, which scared her to escape. He wanted to grab her to stop, but when he thought about the things that he had done to her when he lost control, he even didn’t have the strength to raise his hand. He was afraid that Florence must hate him to the core now. He must be the one whom she wanted to see the least. Ernest felt so decadent and weak, which he had never experienced before. Florence seemed to be a poppy, a demon to him, making him out of control again and again. He even made mistakes. He wondered how on earth he should treat her. Since his childhood, Ernest could deal with things methodically and perfectly. There was nearly nothing in this world that he couldn’t resolve. However, when he encountered Florence, he felt as if he had encountered a difficult problem that he could never resolve. He felt so hesitant now. He had scared Florence away. What should he do now? Should he go after her or not?Ernest hadn’t been so bothered before. Frowning, he looked over at the door again, but he saw the room card on the floor by accident. It was the room card of the room that Florence had checked in tonight. She dropped the card. Her handbag and cell phone were also there. Immediately, Ernest looked out of the window. He saw it was dark outside -- it was quite late now. She didn’t take anything with her, and she trotted out. He wondered where she could go. Damn it!The worry had occupied Ernest’s mood. He stood up suddenly and strode out of the suite. He looked for Florence along the corridor all the way to the lobby of the hotel. He searched in any place that the guest could take a rest, but he didn’t find Florence at all. It was so late now. She took nothing with her. Where could she go?Frowning in concern, Ernest couldn’t care much about other things. He called Timothy. “Ask the workers in the company who has seen Florence. Or, is Florence in anyone’s room now?”On the other end of the phone, Timothy was so confused. Wasn’t Mr. Hawkins staying with Florence? They were almost attached to each other. Timothy wondered why Ernest was looking for Florence?Although he had so many questions, Timothy still answered immediately, “Yes, Mr. Hawkins. I’ll do it as right now