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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 486: Where Have You Been?

Florence’s eyes widened as she was shocked. She heaved a sigh of relief while feeling very scared. Was this considered a blessing in disguise that saved her from a disaster? But before she could feel happy, at this time, there was the sound of another arrow breaking through the air. Three more arrows came from different directions and they were all aimed at her. They were still coming?! Florence’s scalp tingled. Panicked, she wanted to stand up but she was just an ordinary person without the skills of the powerful heroes in the movie. Her legs went weak so much that she did not even have the strength to stand up. Let alone dodge these arrows. Florence’s mouth and tongue were dry and her brain went blank. She would also be like the leopard that was shot severely in which there were multiple holes in its body? The appearance of death was too miserable and pitiful. In fear and despair, Florence closed her eyes. What flashed in her mind was Ernest’s handsome face with smiles. Unfortunately, she missed him but she could never see him again. “Be careful!” In the nick of time, Florence was suddenly pulled up from the ground by someone and then she fell into broad and strong arms. After some spins, she was only able to stabilize her body in his arms. Without the pain of being shot through with an arrow that Florence foreboded, her tensed nerves relaxed and she opened her eyes thankfully. She was saved! “Thank…. ” She was about to say the words of gratitude and when she saw the handsome face that was enlarged many times in front of her, she was entirely dumbfounded. She was surprised, “Clarence?” Clarence tightly frowned and slightly let go of Florence. He then carefully sized up her body. Seeing the scars on her body that were formed because of being cut by the tree branch, his heart ached for her and he directly frowned. “Does it hurt? Is there any other part that hurts?” His low and deep voice contained worries and concern from the bottom of his heart. Florence froze as she looked at him. Her eyes suddenly turned red. Her eyes flickered and she hurriedly grabbed his sleeve. She asked with a voice that choked with uncertainty, “Ernest?” “It’s me. ” Ernest stretched out his palm and stroked her head affectionately. His actions were gentle and doting, “Sorry, I’ve come late. ” Only God knew how scared he was when he arrived and saw that Florence was lying on the ground and was about to be shot by arrows. He even almost stopped breathing. It was lucky that he came in time. If he arrived slowly for a second, perhaps he might not be able to see her

Ernest frowned, “You didn’t let Clarence lead the way?” Florence was even more embarrassed. She was very anxious so after she entered the forest, she blindly moved forward and trotted based on the direction in her mind. At some point, Clarence was left behind and he could not see her anymore

. When she realized, she already could not find Clarence. Besides, she could not even find the right way to go out. Looking at Florence’s embarrassed look, Ernest was helpless for a while. It was fortunate that he hurriedly rushed to find her when he knew he was missing and only then did he find her. He pinched her nose, “Don’t be so reckless next time. In this kind of primeval forest, you may beet wild beasts at any time. You’ll easily get injured. ”Without hesitation, Florence nodded obediently. “There is no next time. ”After coming to this kind of terrible place once, she definitely would not want to come back a second time. She would most likely have nightmares after she went back tonight. Thinking about this, Florence grabbed Ernest’s hand and looked at him with uneasiness while her eyes were flickering. “Do you still want to leave?”Seeing her nervous and worried look, Ernest felt sorry for her and was reluctant to see her like this. He held her hand and said gently, “I’ll stay with you these few days. ”“Really?!”Florence was so jubilant that she almost jumped. She could not help but grin from ear to ear. The fact that Ernest would stay with her was the thing she could be happiest about. Ernest patiently nodded and pressed her shoulders. “You have wounds on your body, don’t move in this way. ”“It’s okay, they’re all small wounds, I don’t feel any pain at all. ”Florence was smiling happily and her mood was very good. She had been waiting for so long. The time that Clarence left and Ernest came back finally came. So, she was extremely ecstatic. Ernest helpless shook his head, took the handkerchief in his arms and gently wiped the bruises on Florence’s arm. Although they were only minor outer injuries, Ernest still felt very unhappy and heartbroken when seeing them forming on Florence’s body. Florence let Ernest wiped them and she was staring at him without blinking. She asked, “Where have you been these past few days?”