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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 403: Whether to Hang up?

On the way, Ernest and Florence kept chitchatting about their daily lives. Both felt quite warm in their hearts. Unconsciously, Ernest arrived at the hotel he checked in - an ultra-luxury hotel, Cindery Hotel. Florence had never been there, but she knew the hotel was the nearest one by the Fraser family’s villa. She knew that Ernest had chosen to check in here because of her. Warmth raised in her heart again. On the screen, Florence watched Ernest walk into the hotel, get in the elevator, and entered his room. His room was a president suite, quite luxurious. There were not a lot of his belongings in this room, but Florence saw there were two laptops on the tea table. She was confused. “Why do you use two laptops?” she asked, wondering if one wasn’t enough. Ernest’s eyes twinkled, a touch of complicated darkness flashing through them. He answered in a deep voice, “Yeah. I have too much work to deal with. Are you sleepy now?” Florence shook her head. With him, she felt quite spirited and energetic. Ernest chuckled. “Do you want to continue chatting with me?” Florence’s ears blushed. She retorted shyly, “Not really. Since you’ve arrived, hurry up and take a shower before going to bed. ” “How about you?” “I’m going to bed, too. I’m already lying on my bed, ready for sleep,” Florence answered, affirming with her lips but denying in her heart. She had completely forgotten that she said she wasn’t sleepy at all. Ernest’s eyes were full of amusement. Back then, Florence was always double-faced. Just at that time, they hadn’t confessed their love to each other, and there were a few misunderstandings between them. But now, when seeing her be like this, Ernest adored her a lot. He pressed his thin lips. After a long while, he said, “Okay. Let’s hang up. ” “All right,” Florence answered with hesitation, suppressing her reluctance. They had been on the video call for almost an hour, but she wasn’t tired of it at all. She even wanted to be like this forever. Ernest waited for a few minutes, only to find that Florence was looking at him without any intention to hang up at all. He curled up his lips into a deeper smile. He didn’t speak. Instead, with the phone in his hand, he walked to the cloakroom and took off his jacket. Then he unbuttoned his shirt with one hand. While the buttons were unbuttoned one after another, his slender neck, collar bones, and other parts of his body were exposed gradually. His perfect and luring body lines made Florence blushed. She asked in embarrassment, “Ernest, what are you doing?” Ernest answered calmly, “Taking off my clothes. ” After a pause, he added, “My clothes are dusty. I don’t feel cozy when wearing them. ” Florence knew that Ernest was a neat freak

How shameless! Florence couldn’t have the guts to keep watching. Immediately, she covered her eyes with her hands. Seeing that Florence was shy, Ernest smiled more deeply

. He teased her, “Why are you so shy? You’ve seen it earlier, haven’t you?” She had seen his body face-to-face in a quite close distance. Recalling what happened when Ernest was in her room earlier and the intimate touches, Florence’s face became redder. Feeling shy and annoyed, she said, “You rascal. ”“I’m the rascal for you only. ”Ernest’s voice was so low that it sounded quite seductive. Florence’s heart beat faster. Even Ernest was telling such shameless words, she felt extremely sweet. As the saying went, people in love had no rock bottom of IQ. Now, they even had no rock bottom of moral integrity. “I’ve gotta go. I want to sleep now. Bye,” said Florence in embarrassment. Ernest chuckled. He answered in an extremely doting tone, “Okay. ”His voice was so pleasant to hear. Florence’s heart was softened and she was reluctant to hang up again. After she put down her hands that were covering her eyes, she saw Ernest was in his night-robe, walking out of the cloakroom. There was no luring scene on the screen anymore. With a blushed face, she pressed her lips and looked at him. Still, she didn’t hang up the phone. Ernest looked at her with a smile. “Why haven’t you hung it up yet?”Florence said stubbornly, “You first. ”Ernest looked at her deeply and seriously. He said in a deep voice, “Florence, I’m your man. I’ll never hang up the phone on you. ”Florence’s heart skipped a beat. Much to her surprise, Ernest, a superior man, could treasure her this much. Florence failed to conceal her sweet smile. She said in a soft tone, “Okay. Good night. ”“Night,” Ernest answered patiently. Florence reached out her finger, but it only stopped on the screen. She wasn’t reluctant to tab the button at all. She stared at Ernest’s handsome, breathtaking face greedily, cherishing every second. Ernest noticed her deep gaze, and his eyes became more and more darkened. The desire was boiling in his body again. He even lost control. In a hoarse voice, he said, “Florence, if you keep looking at me in this way, I’ll go to you right now. ”