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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 476: Who Am I?

Florence was stunned, and her breathing stopped for a moment. She looked at him with panic and asked urgently, “What do you mean?” “It is what it is. ” Clarence casually smiled, moving closer to her and his tone was ambiguous. “Both Ernest and I have the same face. Since you’re now saying to everyone that it’s Clarence that you like, why not just be with me. ” The man’s scent was pervading, but it was an unfamiliar feeling that made Florence resist. She was startled and hurriedly took several steps backwards, keeping a safe distance from him. She was alarmed, “Clarence, behave yourself!” “You don’t want to?” Clarence touched his face, looking disappointed, “Actually, I can replace Ernest and continue to be with you. ” Florence refused and frowned. What she loved from the beginning was not that face. Besides, Ernest was much more handsome than Clarence. Florence stared at Clarence and said solemnly, “I’m not in the mood to joke with you. Tell me now, where’s Ernest?” The person in front of her wasn’t Ernest, and she felt distracted even to deal with him. What was more, she felt panicked because of Clarence’s words. Clarence had come, and so Ernest no needed to stay here anymore. What did that mean? “I don’t know. ” Clarence replied casually, seemingly lost interest for not able to flirt with Florence. And he walked towards the other end of the corridor. At that end was Florence’s small garden. Florence was tensed up instantly. She had a bad feeling. Did Ernest bring Clarence here to deal with the rumour, and he left on his own? After all, the Fraser family’s bodyguards were very strict in their guarding, and it would be easy to find out if there was another person inside. Florence was panicked, and she immediately took out her mobile phone to call Ernest. “Buzz…” The phone’s vibrating sound came from not far in front of her. When she looked up, she saw Clarence holding the phone in his hand. He looked at the screen and smiled playfully, shaking the phone at Florence. “Flory, did you miss me as soon as I left? How about I stay and keep you company?” Florence was dazzled and nearly fainted. How could Ernest’s phone be with Clarence! There was no way for her to find Ernest without his phone. Florence was depressed, going mad. She didn’t want to pay any attention to Clarence, but he was the only one who could find Ernest

However, Clarence didn’t care about Florence’s threatening at all. And a playful smile lifted on his handsome face. He said softly, “So you still have such a ferocious side

. ” “This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you don’t let go of me, I’ll kill you!”Florence gritted her teeth, threatening him, and she glared fiercely at the man in front of her. But the man wasn’t afraid at all. On the contrary, his smile was winsome, and his temperament was full of doting. Florence was stunned. This familiar feeling made her heart miss a beat. She froze for a few moments before she spoke with great uncertainty, “Are you…”“What do you say, who am I?”The man pursed his lips, smiling faintly. His lips moved forward, and he gently kissed Florence’s forehead. Florence was in the heat, instantly feeling the softness of his kiss. Her eyes immediately turned red, and she grabbed his arm, shouting happily, “Ernest! What took you so long to get here? You scared me!”She had thought he was no longer with the Fraser family. Ernest raised his hand and played Florence’s hair heartily. Things happened too sudden that Ernest had let Clarence take it over before he could even tell her. He had let her have a false alarm. “I’ll tell you in advance as far as possible if there’s anything happen in the future. ”Ernest promised in a low voice. Florence choked up, feeling relieved. No matter how panicked and scared she was before, she wouldn’t be afraid anymore as long as he was there. Florence nodded and said in a low voice, “I trust you. ”On the side, Clarence was leaning against the flower wall with a look of disgusted contempt. “Hey, are you guys done being mushy yet? Have you considered a damn single man here watching you guys doing lovey-dovey stuff?”Florence froze for a moment, blushing as she looked over and saw Clarence’s face, which looked exactly like the man she was hugging. There was no difference between the two’s disguises. As for visual contrast, Florence couldn’t help but be amazed. Although they both had the same look, and she was fond of Ernest but not Clarence. She was even annoyed with Clarence’s flirting just now.